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On November 24, the media cited data from China’s General Administration of Customs stating that Communist China imported 2.79 million tons of Australian-made coal in October, mostly for power generation and 778,000 tons of coke for steelmaking.

In April 2020, the Australian government called for an independent international investigation into the source of the Wuhan COVID virus. This was met with retaliation from Communist China, who disguised a boycott of Australian product imports into China by imposing high tariffs and delaying customs clearance on Australian imports.

Due to the low efficiency of China’s own coal and carbon generation, the country’s economy and livelihood have been greatly affected, and Communist China has had to resume imports of Australian coal to address the large domestic power shortage.

It is reported that Communist China’s boycott of Australian coal lasted for only 11 months.

Article: Communist China Had to Resume Imports of Australian Coal and Carbon

Posted by: Yuki jiang

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