Written by Ping

Translated by BillWilliam

As reported by the Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpiece the People’s Daily on November 26, Communist China’s chief diplomat Yang Jiechi (member of the Politburo and Director of the Office of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission) held a video conference with Abdulla Shahid, Chairman of the 76th UN General Assembly and Foreign Minister of the Maldives. However, the CCP’s media only published a short article without showing any video or photo of the meeting. Later we did find out the photo of Yang (not sure when was taken) from the CCP mouthpiece CGTN website (focusing on the foreign audience) and Abdulla Shahid’s Twitter account, but Many netizens still can’t help but question, is the CCP trying to respond to the claim that Yang Jiechi is ill, as Mr. Miles Guo revealed in his whistleblowing live broadcast?

Mr. Guo claimed during his live broadcast on November 26 that Yang Jiechi is ill. Yang is now a loser of the political infighting in the CCP’s system who will be discarded at any moment. Yet the CCP anxiously tried to debunk Mr. Guo’s casual comment, and the CCP’s effort at cover-up backfires. If the CCP doesn’t fear the New Federal State of China and if Mr. Guo’s whistleblowing were nonsense, why did the CCP launch such a vigorous propaganda campaign to debunk his claim? I have to lament the CCP is very low!   

The CCP’s swift response to Mr. Guo’s claim that Yang is ill indicates two points. First, the CCP has been paying close attention to the Whistleblower Movement’s live broadcast. Second, the inside of the CCP lacks competent personnel, especially among those surrounding Xi Jinping, or otherwise, they wouldn’t have resorted to such low tactics to “refute rumors.” The communist regime is near collapse: it seeks global hegemony while its internal political infighting escalates. Maybe Yang Jiechi is ill today, or maybe Vice Chairman Wang Qishan falls ill tomorrow, or maybe Xi Jinping falls ill the day after tomorrow. The entire communist system will be dying in the end. The CCP regime cannot avoid its doomed fate of collapse, despite its madness to host the Beijing Winter Olympics and to invade Taiwan. The New Federal State of China (the democracy founded by Miles Guo) has the confidence to represent the new China when the communist party is gone.