1. Himalaya coin began public trading less than 3 weeks ago, it created miracles. Many fellow fighters laid on the success already. Human poverty comes from poverty of mind. When you begin to relax, you are losing himalaya coin.

2. CCP virus and vaccination mandate are related with money. Over issued money is leveraged, the key part is insurance. Behind it is the collusion between the government, pharmaceutical companies, the media and the evil forces. Communist party is the most evil, CCP is the headquarter of all evil forces.

3. This is a great disaster for humanity, and far from arrival yet. CCP virus and vaccine is a combined weapon, is a weapon to kill whole humanity. We fellow fighters must prepare for the worst outcome. New Federal State of China is only group to help each other.

4. CCP supports the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, tens of thousand people have died. In 80 days, 2-3 millions Afghan people could die of hunger and war. Today’s Afghanistan is next year for China.

5.How is the Winter Olympic Games coming to China? look up the history of the Winter Olympic Games, none of them is clean from corruption. All voting members are taken down by individually designed bribery from CCP. Male members got sexual bribery of woman years before, Female members get sexual bribery of man this time. One female member(have voting right) likes boy, CCP send her some boys with dancing skill.

6.  CCP holding the Winter Olympic Game, could be beneficial to us. 3 possible results: 1. Pandemic getting worse, the whole world hates this game. 2. It’s harmful to Xi’s power. 3. The Chinese economy is getting worse by the day, anything could happen during this Winter Olympic Game.

7. 6th Plenary Session meeting is over. Xi Jinping has to face his murder anytime. Fu Zhenhua, Meng Jianzhu will take action by any chances. In USA and CCP, people with powers are believing that killing Xi could save the communist China, and it will happen in China. The great benefactor is New Federal State of China. The great victims are our fellow Chinese in Communist China.

8. How about Himalaya coin trading publicly in US, Canada and Japan? Himalaya Exchange’s trading license are not approved yet in US, Canada and Japan. However, the application of virtual currency is not limited in all over the world.

9. Himalaya Exchange is a legal organization for currency issues, and will issue credible morden crypto currency or gold coins.

10. With your wise and humble attitude, you can meet people with high intelligence, and keep meeting more intelligent people. This is the key to personal cognitive ability improvement. Mr. Miles Guo was getting to know America began with meeting people of science and technology.

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