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On the afternoon of November 15, Mr. Bannon and his attorney were interviewed by reporters outside the courtroom. In response to a question about the refusal to provide relevant documents to Congress, the attorney said that any American should be outraged to be faced with such a prejudgment situation. There was no criminal conduct involved in this case. Our response asks to be treated equally under the law. Who gave the prosecutor the privilege to revoke exemptions? It’s unconstitutional. Mr. Bannon said: It’s time to fight back, we want to take back the initiative. Everyone in this country who loves freedom of speech and defending democratic freedoms should stand up for this …… I will never back down, and this time they took on the wrong guy.

Before entering FBI headquarters in Washington in the morning, Mr. Bannon delivered the following message to Gettr’s supporters: “Remember we are here today to overthrow the unconstitutional Biden regime, and we all need to stay focused on the message, not noise. Every day, we must hammer, hammer, hammer down on the Chinese Communist Party, and overthrow it for the sake of the LaoBaiXing and all the Chinese people!”

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