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On January 15, Mr. Guo pointed out in the Gettr video: “The actual number of newly built houses in China each year is twice as high as announced, reaching 20 million units per year. A large number of newly built houses, as well as the new expropriation real estate tax, have prevented housing prices from sustaining. This is like the Great Qin Dynasty which asked the people to go north to build the Great Wall. It was to make them weak and tired, to prevent the people from having time to think, or the strength to oppose those in power. “

Qin Dynasty’s “Book of Shang Jun” proposed five techniques to control the people, namely, to make people foolish, weak, tired, humiliated, and poor. If the five techniques are not effective to them, then kill them.

Miles Guo pointed out that building the Great Wall in the Qin Dynasty was a means of ruling. Now real estate without land ownership in mainland China is also a means of ruling: It makes people exhausted, working hard to repay their mortgages, and paying real estate taxes that only grant usage, not the ownership.

Mr. Guo emphasized that real estate is a signal of financial confidence. The real estate collapse hurts the Chinese financial system the most.

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