1. Our senior fellow fighter was from Anti chemical command and Engineering Institute of PLA. He talked about CCP virus vaccination disaster: The harmful effects of vaccination will begin to develop wildly in May 2022. Pilots of airplanes and other transportation and sportsmen who have better health will have sudden death or all kinds of stroke. The worst result of global vaccination is a 50% death rate. People should avoid contact with vaccinated people.

2. New variation of virus spread will begin soon, from the western U.S. to the east side. The CCP will spread new virus at western U.S.

3. Digital Asset: For example, the chair I sit on, I blockchained and encrypted it at this moment. The blockchain is a distributed ledger. The trade happens between you and me without a 3rd person as trading intermediary. It’s End-to-end encrypted and decentralized.

4.The defence force of New Federal State of China is kind of mercenary. We will recruit local veterans who have the legal right to hold and use weapons. Next, we need local force to protect fellow fighters first. And we will protect all Chinese expatriates including those against our revolution, and all Asians with the same skin like us.

5.After virtual currency is born, nobody trusts printed money anymore, because all governments are printing money without limit.

6.  Himalaya coin will exceed Bitcoin in three years.

7. Future data centers will be microminiaturized, staying in space with solar energy as power source which costs nothing.

8. Mr. Steve Bannon being suited by the congress will make Americans understand eventually, CCP’s infiltration into the legal system of the US is a huge threat to democracy. Mr.Bannon will definitely become the godfather of American politics.

9. Evergrand will announce bankruptcy in two weeks.

10. Bankruptcy of Evergrand, like huge rock falling on Chinese economy, will cause a huge wave of inflation to the Chinese economy. This fall will cause tens of trillion US and EU investments to disappear, and collapse of their economy. Xi Jinping will invade Taiwan then.

11.Mr.Guo suggested book:The Himalayas (The World’s Wild Places)

12. Himalaya coin and Himalaya exchange will change financial rule of the world

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