Written by: Naughty
Translated by: billwilliam

According to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcast on November 14, a senior bioweapon expert (who defected to the West) from the PLA Institute of Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) Defense told Mr. Guo: because different virus strains may trigger different reactions among individuals in various health conditions, the expert forecasts the vaccine catastrophe will begin in May next year.

As the expert explained, we will witness sudden deaths among apparently healthy individuals like airplane pilots, ship crews, and athletes after the onset of the vaccine catastrophe, because mRNA jabs may lead to severe myocarditis, pericarditis, and blood clots in vital organs such as the brain or heart.

The death toll by the vaccine catastrophe will be scary. If half of the global population are vaccinated, half of the vaccinated will die. The rest of the vaccinated people will suffer from severe adverse effects or even contract cancer over a span of ten years.

The bioweapon expert believes the only effective measure to prevent the vaccine catastrophe is to avoid the jabs. The unvaccinated should also avoid close contacts with the vaccinated, (as the vaccinated may shed virus spike proteins).