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In his live broadcast on November 12th, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo discusses the implication of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Central Committee, Biden and Xi’s collusion, and the New Federal State of China’s (NFSC) defense system. Below are the highlights of the broadcast.

Twitter’s minority shareholders lost tens of billions of dollars by exiting too soon.

Yesterday afternoon, I (Miles Guo) visited Mr. Joe Morgan’s house with Wang Yanping. Mr. Morgan is 91 years old, and he has been working out one hour a day since he started in his teens and has never missed a day. Even if the sky is falling, you won’t see him missing out on exercise. 

Let me share the story of Twitter. Twitter was founded in 2006 and raised $20 million initially. Before the IPO in 2013, 80-90% of the small shareholders sued Twitter to block the IPO. Twitter almost dissolved. A white couple in their 40s and 50s was poor and wanted to buy a bigger house, so they asked Mr. Morgan for help to buy out all these small investors. Mr. Morgan helped them. Morgan Stanley raised $400 million to buy out almost all the small investors. Then the stake was sold to a Saudi investor, now the prince, for $2 billion. Twitter went public and its market value has surpassed $20 billion. First, without Mr. Joe Morgan, there wouldn’t be Twitter. Second, how terrible it is for Twitter’s small shareholders to lose so much. This is a living example of a missed opportunity worth billions of dollars.

GTV investors may not realize what they have received. First, they get the Himalaya Coin. Second, GTV is your key to many doors. Some brothers in arms cannot wait to cash out just after entering the first and second doors. The gold bars are not everything; there are diamonds inside.

GTV, Himalaya Coin, the Himalaya Federal Reserve, GNEWS, GClubs are entirely independent. Only you, brothers in arms, are not independent. Have you thought about it? You’re like a group of people that invest in Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. What kind of people are these?

The Chinese are worth saving.

Yesterday, a couple of guys from the Department of Defense messaged me (Miles Guo) after watching the CCP’s Sixth Plenary Session. They asked, “Miles, I’m done watching. Do you still want to save your poor countrymen?” I asked why. He said, “The Chinese people have lived through decades of lies. How can they believe such a blatant lie”. I said, “You don’t know Miles Guo. I made that choice years ago. I’ve gotten this far because I am doing what I can do and feel happy about. I have never cared what my compatriots think. I only care if I can do it.” Our goal is to destroy the CCP, and every action must expose the CCP’s falsehood and contrast that with the New Federal State of China’s (NFSC) consistent truthfulness. If you believe one word of the CCP, you don’t deserve to live on earth as a human being.

You can live stream from Gettr mobile App. 

Twitter and Facebook have no future because they don’t have payment systems and rely on selling personal information. The most important advantage of Gettr is its payment system, and it does not sell personal data. We have no original sin. Twitter and Facebook are bound to be wiped out. 

GTV must be the only platform with the best live streaming function in the world. This is GTV and Gettr’s uniqueness. You can update your Gettr App to use the live streaming function. It has simultaneous subtitles and a 5K definition. The addition of this little feature will increase Gettr’s valuation significantly. 

90% of Gettr’s team are our brothers in arms, 99% for GTV, 90% for GClubs, 60% for the Himalaya Federal Reserve, and 50% for GFasion. Brothers in arms operate and provide customer service to GFashion’s logistics department. We also own 5% of the Himalaya Federal Reserve.

We need to seize three opportunities that humanity has not seen in a thousand years.

First, we will witness the birth of a new financial era not seen by humankind for a millennium, called virtual currency. We are at the forefront and center of the trend, with the best technology and a perfect system. Brothers in arms own 600 million Himalaya coins.

Second, the CCP created a biological weapon (Covid) and a vaccine disaster, causing massive deaths. As a result, social order, faith, politics, and international communities will be rebuilt. Is the United Nations still functional? Who cares about the United Nations? When the whole thing is restructured, we are at the forefront of the world.

Third, no one believes that communism will be completely destroyed and smashed. We are the only group of human beings who dare to fight against evil forces. The respect we will receive and the influence we can exert in the future cannot be measured by money. We are the rarest human beings in the world.

The Sixth Plenary Session of the CCP’s Central Committee is a God sent to help the NFSC.

Do you know what I (Miles Guo) am most afraid of? I am most worried that General Secretary Xi Jinping will be gone. Where can we find such a good “comrade” who keeps creating adverse conditions that actually help the NFSC? With the decision made, Xi has become the only public enemy within the CCP. Everyone else is in the shadows, and it only takes one bullet or one pill to finish him off. Everyone in the CCP does two things, keeping their illegitimate children and property safe and then taking Xi out at every possible opportunity. Xi, the accelerator, is our gift. While he keeps stirring up trouble in China, we can make money for two or three years, build a robust defense system for the NFSC, make more friends, and get ready on the sideline. Let Xi wrestle with the CCP until he is the last one in the game; then, we will finish him off to achieve the “one person, one vote” democracy for the Chinese people.

Another point is that Xi likens himself to Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping, or just Mao. Yesterday I told you very clearly that the successor must be in his family. The plan for the CCP’s 20th Congress has been set. There will be many arrests. Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, Zhou Liang, and Guo Shuqing will all be in trouble. Gradually, Xi will eradicate the Jiang faction by any means. Xi will think of every way to nationalize all the businesses and redistribute the wealth once, twice, and a third time.

Evergrande will definitely go bankrupt and cause a systematic problem. Chinese and American leaders will launch personal attacks at each other.

I (Miles Guo) believe you can at least hold the Himalaya Coin until next May because Evergrande will definitely go bankrupt. I knew about the so-called Biden and Xi talk a month ago. It was the US begging Xi to hurry up and speak to Biden. Xi said, “Well, to have a video call with you, the US should stop attacking me, keep the extreme right-wing groups in check, and restart the visa applications for the families of Chinese leaders.” Biden almost agreed with all the above and a series of other demands. Why did Biden agree with such humiliating requests and sell out Americans?

Putting aside President Biden and Xi’s relationship, the most critical question is why the CCP wants to delay the Evergrande explosion after the Sixth Plenary Session and why it must be a video call. I am aware of the collusion behind the door. The CCP wants to ensure a successful Sixth Plenary Session. Nobody can save Evergrande. Even if Xi Jinping’s father were to return to life, he and his son together would not save Evergrande. After Evergrande is finished, Sunac, R&F, and Wang Jianlin will collapse. Nearly 40 of China’s 47 largest banks’ share prices have fallen below their net asset value. Nearly 70 Chinese state financial institutions are losing money. Insurance companies pay no more than 10% of the claims and default on almost 80% of the claims. This is not a question of bankruptcy. No one can sustain in such a situation.

A big boss in Europe, a super fashion expert, says no one is working. Here’s the point that no one is working. The supply chain between China and the US has completely collapsed. The US, in this case, asks the CCP to continue to slave the Chinese people, and the US has re-opened the visa application process to China to ensure that the basic life of the American people. Biden promises that the US will continue to import cheap underwear and travel shoes. He also asks the CCP to let the real estate price  fall gradually, not at once. Biden believes it is most important for the two countries to cooperate and fool the people for a better tomorrow. Everything Biden does is for the 2022 Midterms; the Democratic Party absolutely can not lose. That’s why Xi Jinping does not take Americans seriously because Biden needs his help. The US, Europe, and the West feel completely threatened. In the Western Catholic Christian system, casually criticizing others is a big problem.

Someone from one of the largest US defense companies approached me yesterday. He said, “Miles, would you like to be our defense company’s shareholder? Now we really have no money. We need your Himalaya Coins and Himalaya Dollar. The biggest threat is that once the CCP starts a war with Taiwan, our chip supply will be a big issue, which will lead to operation and cash flow problems.” Sino-US diplomacy and the uncertain war in the South China Sea and Taiwan will seriously affect the world economy, politics, and military.

The eruption between China and the US will be unprecedented. The two countries have never attacked the leaders personally. The US strictly follows the rule, and China rarely breaks it. It’s rumored that this time, the leaders of China and the US will attack each other for the first time in history, revealing their shortcomings and ugliness. Xi will bring absolute uncertainty to the world, Taiwan, the South China Sea, and Asia. Especially on the virus and vaccine disaster, the CCP will not cooperate with the West.

In the economy, Evergrande will be the first domino to fall to burst the real estate bubble. Evergrande will definitely file for bankruptcy. A series of economic crises will lead to an economic crisis in Hong Kong. Hong Kong stock market must plummet, and the rolling pin (fake) economy will not hold up. Xi Jinping now plays a strategy that will hurt the enemy slightly at a severe cost to the Chinese people. The West is unable to withstand. It is vulnerable. Yesterday’s CCP announcement states that people should support the top power in the center, and dictatorship can lead to outstanding achievements. This is the West’s nightmare.

The Sixth Plenary Session will absolutely accelerate the CCP’s demise. The chance of the CCP’s extinction is 100% without a doubt. We can sleep and wait for the CCP to go extinct, just waiting. The biggest beneficiary of the CCP’s demise is the NFSC’s G series. The Himalaya Coin will be like a rare diamond.

The world has invested $12 trillion in China.

76.3% of people in China are in debt and live on credit cards. 48% of the Chinese between 18 and 35 years old do not have a sex life because of environmental pollution, stress, and belief that sex is ugly. How many Covid infections are there in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang? The most Covid deaths are among the older people in the mountains. Villages went extinct one by one. 

The US did a survey and found out that the world has invested 12 trillion in China, and the US has invested 6 trillion in China. As long as there is $1 trillion in bad debts, the European Union will be knocked down and can’t recover in 20 years.

The CCP’s overseas military bases will be destroyed.

Russia’s annual GDP is only $1 trillion. Our Himalaya Federal Reserve’s value can easily surpass $10 trillion or 100 trillion. Now, what can the CCP do by going to the Sahara desert and the African Savannah? 70% of China’s diplomacy budget is spent on Africa. China’s Middle East diplomacy spends the most money on the UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. The whole Middle East will break off with the CCP. The CCP’s military bases in Cambodia, Iran, Pakistan, Djibouti, Argentina, Venezuela, and Cuba will be destroyed. Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi both covet power. In just two days, there were ten explosions in China. Xi dodged 13 assassinations. Do you think he can avoid another 13 assassinations? One is enough to remove him.

Jack Ma gave up the rescue mission.

Jack Ma went to Spain and stayed at my friend’s house. He was followed by the CCP agents even in the bathroom. Two agents slept under Jack Ma’s bed. We sent two undercovers with the crew members on the ship. Someone said to Jack Ma that we could save him. If Ma agreed, he could be picked up by a warship with helicopters and then board a submarine to go to the US. I (Miles Guo) could save him for nothing because I just want to save a Chinese entrepreneur. But 28 of his family members were in CCP’s custody. He couldn’t made up his mind. 

The New Federal State of China will build a defense system to protect the Chinese worldwide.

Chinese exclusion is bound to happen, and you only live once. We must be well prepared for our future, our children, the safety of our bases, and our property. Brothers in arms in China should try to save as many people as they can.

The money for the NFSC’s defense system has to come from everyone. Miles Guo’s family funds and investment institutions will pay 90% of the cost, and brothers in arms will share 10% or even more of the cost. You will donate the money, and there has to be 100% transparency about the money. We will hire mercenaries, buy weapons, and invest in R&D. Brothers in arms can participate in the management of defense construction. Who wants to fly fighter jets and operate submarines? At the moment, we will recruit former American and British military personnel. We’ll build our own airports, ports, navy, air force, and space force. The CCP will piss themselves in fear when they see our space force take to the skies. We will hire mercenaries. First, we will protect the overseas Chinese. We will have all the most advanced weapons. In time, Taiwan and Singapore will be ashamed after seeing our superior capabilities.

The CCP have had their eyes on Neil Shen for five years.

Neil Shen was a top student at Yale. He works for the CCP General Staff Headquarters Division 3. Shen invests in American Internet companies and has significant influence in the US. The assets that you see him selling are a tiny portion of his total wealth. Do you know what Jack Ma’s Yunfeng Fund invests in? They invest in the US and Europe’s AI and military industries. Yunfeng accounts for 50% of the AI market. Neil Shen invests in big data, AI, and the construction of data centers. Those who could come up with this strategy are definitely not ordinary people.

People like Jack Ma and Neil Shen are destined to have no future. This time, the CCP went after Neil Shen about tax invasion. The CCP have had their eyes on Neil Shen for five years. The CCP’s plan to share your wealth is not a new idea created in the Sixth Plenary Session. Do you remember the reform and opening-up policy? Deng Xiaoping said, “Fill the pond to raise fish. Cross the river by feeling the stones. Regardless of the color, any cat that can catch a mouse is a good cat.” Will the CCP only raise fish but not eat it? Jack Ma, Peter Ma, and Pony Ma all play with female celebrities every day. Neil Shen plays with virgins every day. What a bunch of garbage!

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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