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On 12th November, Mr Miles Guo has expressed his concerns about the upcoming Anti-Chinese movement around the world through his public broadcast. To cope with this trend, Mr Guo decided to establish a national defence force (including mercenary), featured as a New Federal State of China Defence System. 

As mentioned in Mr Guo broadcast, there are two reasons for the Anti-Chinese waves. Firstly, the resolutions of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee accelerated the fall of the CCP regime and sped up the worldwide threat to the Chinese. The second is the vaccine disaster, which will be felt around December at the end of this year and will be seen in a full picture by May of next year.

Mr Guo said we have a long way to ensure overseas Chinese are not affected by the Anti-Chinese movement. For those in China mainland, we want to save as many as we can. President Xi Jinping cannot represent Chinese people, as well as his revenge. It is a very pathetic view that Chinese people are not worthy of being saved. 

In relation to the funding source for the defence force, Mr Guo has pledged that 90 percent of the funding is from his family trust and Investment Institution, of which about ten percent relies on donation. For any donations, transparency will be endorsed to each of the spending. It will be a clear spending list, such as Mercenary, Military equipment, and R&D. 

The new Federal state of China would have its own airports, docks, naval and air forces, and the most advanced weapons in the world. We also maintain a good mercenary relationship with the Western world. Mr. Guo encouraged his followers to be able to participate in the building and management of the national defence force. There are numerous jobs positions available such as Fighter jets Pilots, operating submarines and participating in military training.

Source: 新中国联邦正在建立国防部队以应对排华浪潮-GNews

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