Written by: Ermat

In a live broadcast on November 10, Mr. Guo Wengui said that Xi Jinping is doing whatever he wants around the world, and that has put him in a dangerous position.

Xi Jinping engages these three cores, alongside Mao, Deng and Jiang. He should continue to be chairman for another ten years. Where can we find such a person? Heaven help our NFSC. This decision made him the only enemy within the Communist Party. In the late stages of the Cultural Revolution, starting with Mao Zedong’s establishment of Liu Shaoqi and Lin Biao as his successors, the killing within the Communist Party began. It could be out of control in China, and everyone wants to kill Xi. If Xi wants to protect the Communist Party, it’s a lot more complicated. These people want to take him out. People are in the shadows and can kill him with just a shot or a pill. Everyone in the party will do two things, keep their illegitimate children and property, and take Xi out at every opportunity. That is a 99% probability.

The US has already given Chinese visas just to keep the basic living standard of American people. China has to continue to produce cheap underwear and tourist shoes to supply the US. China has to make sure that real estate never collapses all at once, but slowly. Most important is that we both have to cooperate to cheat the people. All this is for this year’s midterm elections. This time the Democrats must not lose. In Virginia President Biden lost more than half of his power. If the midterm elections fail, he is almost all finished. And let’s not talk about personal stuff. We are friends and don’t attack each other. In this case, Xi listed a dozen conditions to humiliate Biden. This time the Americans are scared. Xi Jinping really doesn’t take Americans seriously. This announcement was a political demand for Biden, while the US and the West felt threatened. Americans must be furious at this insult from the CCP. The West wants a face. This is by no means less of a challenge to the West than a trade war.

Mr. Guo says Xi brings absolute uncertainty to the world. He is unlikely to cooperate with the West on Taiwan, the South China Sea, Asia, and especially on viruses and vaccines. Economically, Evergrande will be the first domino to induce a real estate collapse. This will bring about a series of major economic crises and a major economic crisis in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong stock market will definitely plummet. What game is Xi Jinping playing now? He would rather break a leg today and splash blood on your face.


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