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On November 9, the Chinese Communist Party’s media reported that about 5% to 30% of youths in the Communist Party of China have mental health problems. Among them, the incidence of youth depression is about 4% to 8%, and one out of five children have a tendency to be depressed.

The relevant departments of the Chinese Communist Party issued a document in regards to this, stating that they will comprehensively monitor and evaluate students’ mental health problems. Meanwhile, they will pay special attention to those students with so-called “abnormal” psychological conditions.

According to data, studies by international authoritative medical institutions have shown that the main cause of depression lies in social pressure. Analysts pointed out that due to the CCP’s dictatorship and high pressure control, people in mainland China have no freedom to speak out. That leads to the highest incidence of CCP’s depression in the world.

Another insider broke the news that the CCP used “health issues” as a guise to regularly evaluate students’ psychology. The essence of this is to keep abreast of young people’s ideological dynamics in order to find out the reasonable excuses for increasing its control.

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