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According to media sources, on November 11, the Greenland Parliament passed a new law prohibiting uranium mining and stopping the halting development of rare earth which deposits in the southern part of the island. The news reported that this bill has dealt a major blow to the CCP’s Arctic strategy.

In order to promote the Belt and Road Arctic strategy, the CCP has long supported Chinese-controlled companies mining rare earths in Greenland. To this end, the Chinese Communist Party has prepared an investment of up to 100 million U.S. dollars to continue operating the mining project in Greenland.

At present, the project has caused fierce controversy in Greenland. Greenlanders worry that the continuing  mining will cause radiation pollution to the natural environment and cultivated land. At the same time, it will  affect fishing, sheep raising, and tourism. In addition, the project will increase Greenland’s carbon emissions by 45%.

Therefore, the Inuit and Narellak parties that make up the Greenland coalition government oppose the CCP’s continued development of mining projects, and said that Greenlanders are not against mining, but do not want to conduct “dirty mining.” That is, they reject the CCP’s involvement in local rare earth and uranium mining projects.

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