On March 30th, Xilu military website published an article to frame the U.S that the coronavirus was unleashed from an American biochemical lab. The tile of this article stated that “The American Institute of biochemical virus research couldn’t hide it anymore, and 75 % of the residents in the neighborhood tested positive.”

The Xilu website is the most authoritative military website of the Chinese Communist Party. It represents the official information of the PLA. The site is the equivalent of the U.S. military academy at West Point and the Pentagon.

This is a propaganda effort aimed at the domestic audience. Among the Chinese public, there is a general awareness that delays in notifying the public led to many more infections in Wuhan.

There’s not a credible epidemiologist in the world who has shown evidence that the virus originated anywhere but China.

China launched a government propaganda campaign to promote the theme that the origins of the virus are from the U.S. military and biochemical lab, and many Chinese now believe that.

Source: Xilu