Nov. 7th, 2021

Source: Reuters

In a story by The Mail Online on November 6th, 2021, it explains how Scott Morrison the Prime Minister of Australia has upset the Communist Chinese government by speaking the truth about China’s carbon emissions as China is responsible for over 30% of total world emissions of carbon dioxide. The Chinese government did not attend the COP26 summit as it would have been questioned over the massive amount of pollution that the Communist country kicks out every single day due to the huge amount of fossil fuels, especially coal that is used.

This is one of many arguments the Chinese government has with Australia after Scott Morrison doubled down on calls for an independent review into the origins of Covid-19. Can you imagine that if any other country was responsible for the Corona Virus pandemic, China would be calling for sanctions and reparations, but when the shoe is on the other foot, China acts like a spoilt little schoolboy and throws its toys out of the pram when it is questioned.  

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