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A port in Lianyungang, China, waiting for the export of soil containing various rare earth elements. The date is unknown. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Reuters reported on Thursday (November 4) quoting two people familiar with the matter that the UK will resume production of super magnets needed for electric cars and wind turbines with government support to reduce dependence on CCP China.

People familiar with the matter said that a government-funded feasibility study report is scheduled to be published on Friday (November 5), which lists the steps that the UK must take to restart the production of rare earth permanent magnets.

According to the report, people familiar with the report said that the study outlines how the UK will build a factory by 2024 and eventually produce enough powerful magnets to meet the annual demand for 1 million electric vehicles.

Unable to compete with CCP China, the British magnet manufacturing industry died out in the 1990s, but with the huge increase in demand, the government hopes to ensure sufficient supply. One of the people familiar with the matter said that the UK hopes to reverse the trend of this type of manufacturing transferred to the Far East and revitalize the glory of domestic manufacturing.

People familiar with the matter said that British rare earth producer (‘LessCommon Metals’,LCM) has written this feasibility study report and is considering finding partners to build factories together.

LCM is one of the few companies outside of China that convert rare earth raw materials into special compounds needed to produce permanent magnets.

The UK’s households achieved a domestic net carbon emission plan last month, including US$850 million (US$11.55 billion) in government spending to support the electric vehicle industry and supply chain, achieving goals in the UK.

The European Union said that global automakers are racing to increase the production of electric vehicles and the use of continuous energy sources such as wind power generation will drive the demand for rare earths in Europe to increase by 10% by 2050. Development is slow, otherwise it will conflict with CCP, resulting in 90% of rare earth suppliers from China.

The British strategy also expresses that the UK and the US are working hard to establish domestic raw materials, rare earth processing and transformation industries from CCP China. In response to the content of the report, the Department of Commerce of the British Government refused to respond.

Commentary: Unable to compete with CCP China, the British magnet manufacturing industry died out in the 1990s, not because British uncapable but due to the evil CCP broke rule and principals of WTO, not only with WTO favorite treatment, also with 1.4 billion Chinese as slave labour for “made in China”. No one could beat state-run so-called private enterprises of CCP. It is the West, who has raised the CCP Frankenstein monster. The pandemic and vaccination disaster have proved with very high price that appease to communist dictatorship regime is fatal to the freedom society.

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