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For Miles Guo’s supporters, November 1st was a life-changing day.  H Coin was launched and since then, supporters have the cleanest money and have achieved true freedom of wealth. The important thing is that the supporters not only have wealth that is growing every second, but also have the right to mint money that belongs to the New Federal State of China. 


For the supporters of the “overnight riches,” Miles Guo mentioned in the live broadcast that day, spending money is actually more difficult than earning money, so he also put forth some advice from the bottom of his heart to his supporters.

First, be sure to treat your parents and siblings well, and love your children too. Next, don’t be jealous of your former friends, let alone show off to them, but respect everyone. Third, don’t start trying to eat dog meat, strange meaty foods, or wild animals. Finally, regardless of the initial intentions of the disabled, give them a helping hand; they are the gauge sent from heaven to test our goodness.

Miles Guo also reminded his supporters that after having wealth, they must accumulate more good deeds and do less bad deeds.

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