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On November 1, the Ministry of Commerce of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) once again proposed the concept of “encouraging families to stockpile a certain amount of necessities according to their needs”. In this regard, even though the major CCP controlled media and influencers have issued articles to ease the case, it still aroused widespread concern among the people inside the Great Fire Wall(GFW).

In the middle of this year, natural disasters caused by reckless environmental destruction of the CCP regime struck the major grain production bases such as Henan, Sichuan, Hubei Pearl River basin, directly leading to shortages of domestic food supply. Due to the depletion of its foreign exchange reserves as well as the plight of the global supply chain, the situation within the CCP regime is increasingly deteriorating. For this reason, the CCP has launched a so-called “food conservation action plan”, which even proposed to the public to “get out of the misunderstanding of fine rice and white flour”.

According to the commentary, the CCP has recently made a lot of propaganda about “18 consecutive bumper harvests”, but the current situation within mainland China tells a totally different story. It is a great concern that famine is coming to the people in China.

Reference: 中共商务部再发家庭储备生活必需品公告

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