Translated by: MOS Gospel Team – Wengengen

Mr. Peter Navarro’s new book was listed on Amazon in September, the book shows two of the important historical events during his time in the Trump administration are directly related to the Whistleblower Movement:

The First is the global travel restrictions signed by the former President Trump. At the beginning of the CCP virus outbreak in 2020, President Trump followed Mr. Navarro’s intelligence advice and signed the global travel restrictions in the very beginning of Pandemic, effectively preventing the spread of the CCP virus in the United States, which has saved countless American lives.  Mr. Navarro’s new book reveals that the source of that intelligence came from Mr. Miles Guo and the Whistleblower Movement.

The second is the vaccine issue, in the early stage of the CCP virus outbreak, Mr. Navarro was the first person to promote the development of vaccines in the United States, but then he listened again to Mr. Guo’s revelations about the truth of the vaccine, and he began to resolutely against the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate policy. 

As the former White House trade adviser and assistant to President Trump, the information disclosed by Mr. Navarro in the book is undoubtedly confirmed by US laws and formed into White House documents in legal form, which once again validates the tenet of the “only truth” in the Whistleblower Movement, and shows the political power of the New Federal State of China .

In addition, when Mr. Navarro was a guest on the War Room on September 17th, he also introduced the significance of his book In Trump Time: to wake up the American people, to wake up the people of the world, to let everyone see the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party, and to call on everyone to stand up bravely and eliminate communism completely.


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