Written by: Ermat

During the “Himalayan Coin Launch Celebration” on November 1, Mr. Guo Wengui explained the characteristics, role and future of Himalayan Coin.

Himalayan coin has three main features: First, it is recognized in the West. Secondly, its technology is the best in the world. Third, it is decentralized technology and centralized issuance. I was excited for more than ten hours. This is also a sword that has been sharpened for years. 

The biggest value of the Himalayan Reserve is to accept the Chinese as a legitimate buyer and to have all the financial institutions in the world recognize it. We need to make them realize that the Chinese Communist Party is not legitimate, and this will save many innocent people. The greatest value of the Himalayan Reserve is that the wealth is people’s. More than 37,000 fellow fighters possess 60% of the Himalayan coins.

Himalayan coins can not only circulate around the world, but also create wealth for many people. Wealth is in our hands. All the current financial system is the financial model set by ancient Rome and Jerusalem. But the challenge for Himalaya is that the financial system has to be decided by the citizens of the world, not by one power. This is the most difficult challenge for the Himalayan Reserve, and the greatest challenge for the NFSC. When the Himalayan Reserve becomes the financial standard of the world, then we will be there.