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GlobalFoundries (GFS) listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange last Thursday. It has a significant meaning to the whistleblowers’ movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC). Because GFS is a critical strategic partner of the NFSC, its technological potential will carry the will and the future plans of the NFSC.

The NFSC will be an emerging group that innovates the survival mode of our mankind. It will change the previous concept of country, nation, political internality, community model, old financial system, economic situation, and religious cognition. It will also untie the political shackles on the use of science and technology, advancing science and technology to serve our humanity better, and even lay the foundation for the next phase of interstellar civilization. The realization of all these visions must rely on the background of independence and strong scientific and technological power.

Another important significance is that the CCP is currently eager to invade Taiwan to stifle world trade routes, control the island’s high-tech industries, and especially monopolise the chip production giants. The CCP wants to use this as a threat and suppression to the world’s major economies headed by the United States, thereby achieving its strategic intent to influence world politics and military affairs. In this dangerous situation, GFS is one of the three giants in global chip manufacturing. If the CCP may have a high probability of carrying out its extreme behavior to attack Taiwan, GFS can still guarantee the supply of the chips required by the world. This will play an essential role in global military, political, economic, and social stability. This is also one of the critical points for cracking down on the CCP’s conspiracy against Taiwan.

Therefore, the listing of the GFS will have a positive and practical significance in taking down the CCP.

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