Author: BD

source: GTV

In his initial short appearance in today’s broadcast of the ceremony for the celebration of H Coin listing, Mr. Miles Guo surprises everyone with the news that the US media just reported a few minutes ago on former US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo’s decision to run for president in 2024.

According to Mr. Guo, there had been an agreement between Mr. Pompeo and President Donald Trump that if either of them decides to run for president, the other one will not join the competition. Even yesterday afternoon, Mr. Guo still got reaffirmation that this principle held true but today he got the stunning news, though it has not been confirmed by Mr. Pompeo personally.

If this news is true, Mr. Guo thinks it is a bit rushed and President Trump still has an overwhelming chance of winning thanks to his abundant political capital from his strong stance against the Chinese Communist Party though he did not take action on the intelligence Mr. Guo provided for him during his presidency.

However, President Trump’s involvement in the DWAC (Digital World Acquisition Corp.) scam is bound to get him caught between the upper and nether millstone, which has brought significant uncertainties to the 2024 presidential election.


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