Written by DG

Miles Kwok revealed important information on EST 8:11am, Nov. 1 2021 while the H-Coin is prepared to list on Himalaya Exchange.

Trump’s travel restriction order on January 31, 2020 was determined according to intelligence by Miles Kwok that the virus was a biotech attack of Communist Party in China. This is proved on page 23 of Navarro’s new book “In Trump time”. Miles got one copy of the book this morning.

Besides Miles said that Pompeo announced this morning that he will join the 2024 Presidential election running.

The Himalaya Exchange is on the 3 million DCN attacks which must be a national level attack. Miles revealed that the Himalaya Exchange has the capabilities against 1.6 billion DCN attacks.

The HCoin’s trading volume on the first day must be huge.

Miles said there was a big thing that happened at 3:40am this morning that he would talk about that later.

Miles also mentioned that Williams Wang’s speculation is correct. Williams Wang published his speculation on his Gettr account recently related to the trading price and status of H-coin trading  on the first day.

Source Link: https://gtv.org/broadcast/watch/617fb54b11d1862968feda54

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