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In his live broadcast on October 27th, Mr. Miles Guo talks about the lawsuits DWAC and Trump will face, Gettr’s coming features and business model, the reason for choosing November 1st to launch Himalaya Coin, and the implication of the new property tax in China. Mr. Guo breaks the news that the US proposed to let Taiwan join the UN. Mr. Guo warns that the CCP’s next target is Pompeo, and it is building biological labs and military bases in Cambodia. Below are the highlights of the broadcast.

Trump’s SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) will face three types of lawsuits.

(1) The SPAC’s management and investors will sue each other for breach of contract or breach of the duty of good faith. (2) Investment banks or advisers could sue the SPAC for unpaid fees. (3) The shareholders could sue the SPAC’s principals and directors for breach of fiduciary duty. There is $295 million in the trust. President Trump owns 90% of TMTG (Trump Media and Technology Group). DWAC (Digital World Acquisition Corp) owns 10% of TMTG. Trump doesn’t own a single share of DWAC, but he suddenly finds out that DWAC is worth billions of dollars.

Bruno Wu was under criminal investigation involving 8 to 9 CCP (Chinese Communist Party) politburo officials and standing committee members; President Trump was implicated too.

The SPAC misrepresented material information, failing to do due diligence and disclose relevant information. Bruno Wu was criminally investigated by the FBI two years ago, involving 8 to 9 CCP politburo officials and the standing committee members; President Trump was implicated too. When President Trump was in the White House, more than 60 FBI agents suddenly sealed off the Himalaya Embassy and took all the equipment on the 6th floor. This has nothing to do with me (Miles Guo), but I am a witness. Bruno Wu was aware that his investigation involved President Trump, but he didn’t disclose it. There is an 80%-90% chance that Trump will break the contract.

SPACs will become the world’s mainstream financial instruments in the future.

Blank check companies as a form of economic activity will become the world’s mainstream financial instruments in the future. SPAC rules require the company to invest the funds within two years or return the money to investors. The rules prohibit fraud. In 2014, I (Miles Guo) said, SPAC is the future of world finance. Today the global listing rules enable governments to engage in corruption and rent-seeking as intermediaries. The CSRC (China Securities Regulatory Commission) is a fraud. According to their regulations, none of the Chinese companies can go public. Those who come to SPAC to scam money will end badly.

What would Gettr look like if it is listed through SPAC?

First, three institutions will raise $100 million each upfront and no more than $300 million in total. But what’s the point of taking the money? Gettr doesn’t need that money. Second, at the end of August this year, we were told that someone among the top three in the Internet industry wanted to invest in Gettr. I (Miles Guo) said, what do we take the money for? What’s Gettr going to do with tens of billions of dollars?

Is Gettr for sale if President Trump wants to buy it?

Gettr is never for sale. Making money is not Gettr’s goal. Gettr’s value is in exterminating the CCP and providing free media. People asked Jason Miller if it makes sense for Gettr to exist if Trump has his own social media platform. Twitter kicked Trump out. The world’s media silenced the right-wing altogether. The public cannot get the truth because of the monopoly in the media industry, so the best way to break a monopoly is to have competition. There are about 10,000 functioning social media outlets. You can’t survive without a large a mount of capital. What is the profit model? Social media have to be profitable, and profitability depends on technology, team, and time. In the US, it takes 18-30 months for any media to get going.

Gettr’s value lies in its global reach.

God has given Gettr the most incredible opportunity. In the last two days, the investment committee budgeted $100 million for Gettr’s advertising campaign, which covered Brazil, Japan, UK, USA, Australia, and Germany. One of Gettr’s biggest values is that 47% of its users are in the US and 53% outside the US. President Trump can never have a global platform. The value of Gettr lies in its global reach.

The Gettr’s investment committee has laid out three principles to welcome Trump.

The investment committee laid out three principles. (1) They tell Jason Miller to always support President Trump. (2) Share whatever you can whenever President Trump needs Gettr’s support. Look at the generosity, which the CCP doesn’t have. (3) As long as President Trump needs cooperation, our door is open. Even if Trump has a successful media, we still want him to come to Gettr.

Gettr’s private live stream function will attract a large number of users.

In terms of users’ age, Instagram’s average is 20-45 years old and Facebook 20-60, but 60-70% of Facebook’s users are in their 40’s. Gettr’s coming photo feature will attract Instagram’s younger users to “present themselves.” TikTok’s users are between 20-50 years old; 60-70% of them are 30-50. Short videos of 15 seconds are called “marketing yourself,” which Gettr also has. Gettr already has a microblogging function like Twitter.

What’s more, Gettr now has a private live stream function. For example, if you want to join my private live stream, I will send you an advance notification, then you can join my channel with your real name. How many people would watch Hollywood stars from Game of Thrones live-streaming their life? The Game of Thrones investor is Abu Dhabi, whi is Miles Guo’s early partner. It’s not just for celebrities; politicians, the new German government, France, Brazil, the new Japanese government all can broadcast live. The most important thing is that Gettr’s profit model is not selling your personal information and privacy; it makes money on the payment system. Gettr allows you to enjoy safety and wealth with dignity, not bullied by monopolies and banks.

The United States suddenly proposed to let Taiwan join the United Nations.

The CCP still has a series actions in the UN. Currently, it wants the UN to adopt a one-person-one-vote system so that the US cannot be the only decider. The UN is dominated by the United States and Europe. At the UN, the US unexpectedly proposed the idea of letting Taiwan join the UN. If the US can get Taiwan into the UN, the US can help the New Federal State of China to join the UN. In these instances, Biden and Trump are playing the CCP by colluding with them.

Two weeks ago, I learned that the US and the CCP had a showdown at the UN. The US said that Taiwan should be allowed to participate in the UN activities and even advocated to let the Xinjiang human rights delegation and the New Federal State of China join the UN. What is the new German government going to do? The first thing is about Taiwan, followed by speaking for the New Federal State of China, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Tibet.

Gettr is in Japan, Britain, Australia, France, Brazil, and the United States. It will undoubtedly become the only platform where the civilized and conservative forces of the world and the anti-CCP forces gather. Gettr will become the foreign ministry and the public reception room of the New Federal State of China, displaying the absolute power of the new nation to the world. Gettr’s posts are growing by 20-40% every day.

The DWAC incident will instigate Americans’ hatred against China and stir up partisan conflicts in the US.

DWAC’s stock price has fallen to  $53.32. When it goes below $50 or $60, the eleven funds will lose money on the bet. What will be the end of President Trump? Everything I just said will happen; it will definitely happen. This incident will provoke 80 million Trump supporters in the US to hate the CCP and the Chinese. Moreover, the development of the DWAC situation will become the focus of the two parties’ conflict. In the end, it can only hurt Trump.

Why have we chosen November 1st to launch Himalaya Coin?

Regarding the listing of Himalaya Coin, what is special about November 1? On November 1st, 1928, the Central Bank of the Republic of China was established. In 1952, the first human hydrogen bomb was tested. Why have we chosen November 1st GMT? Apart from it being the day of Full Prosperity, it is an auspicious day for listing and in line with the theory of Five Elements.

October 31st is Halloween, an unlucky and the worst day, and October is an unfavorable month for finance. There are only three Full Prosperity days in a year in Chinese culture, and November 1 is the last one this year. The CCP’s superstition also favors November 1st. Mao Zedong’s many big decisions happened on November 1st. The CCP’s various meetings and the launch of the Shenzhou 8 spaceship took place on November 1st. Michelangelo’s Genesis was completed on November 1st. The European Union was born on November 1st. I met my wife for the first time on that day. November 1st is also my son’s birthday. How fortuitous it is!

When the Central Bank of the Republic of China was established, Chiang Kai-shek gave a speech. “As a Christian,” he said, “the day is an important day for the Chinese, the independence of national sovereignty, people, government, finance, religion, and the rule of law.” That’s when he talked about seven independences. The CCP delivered none of the independences on Mainland China. The Kuomintang accomplished these seven independences in Taiwan.

Himalaya Coin will be incomplete without planning and Himalaya Pay. Without financial knowledge and the concept of a sovereign nation, it cannot be done. From the result, you can see a person’s original intention and disposition. The most important thing is to let the brothers in arms around the world become Himalay Pay agents. Not everyone can get the agency right. You must be the Rule of Law Foundation donor first, old GTV investors, or GClubs investors.

The CCP is building military bases in Cambodia.

A brother in Cambodia says the CCP is building military bases there. Among all mankind, only Miles Guo reported to the United States that the CCP was building biochemical labs and military bases in Cambodia, laying out the Dongfeng 41 missile system. The CIA thought we were nuts. I told them that they had a problem for not knowing it.

Property taxes will hasten the fall of the CCP.

I (Miles Guo) am the first person to warn you about property tax. I faced the most criticism from the top officials in the CCP. They called my prediction outrageous and said that the CCP would fall if they imposed property tax. Now, the old party boss sent me a message and said I was right about the tax. I said it’s not about property tax but the CCP taking the right of wealth redistribution. In Chinese society, the land belongs to the state, and real estate has 70 years of ownership with an average building life of 30 years, but it takes 58 years on average to pay down a mortgage. It’s shocking that some people believe in stupid ideas like “common prosperity.”

Someone in northeast China messaged me days ago, “I am finished. I have over 200 apartments and can’t even change the ownership. Now everything has gone.” The bank knows this guy has more than 200 apartments and has seized the properties. Do you understand the implications? A large number of people in Communist China who collect rents on their properties will go bankrupt. Many people who rely on bank loans will go bankrupt. Many who depend on rental income for their retirement will go bankrupt. What does property tax have to do with finance? If Evergrande, Sunac, and Country Garden don’t implode, Miles Guo will hand his head to you. The world economy will have a big problem.

The CCP’s next target is Pompeo.

The CCP set up the DWAC trap to take out Gettr, and Bruno Wu suggested the idea. He knows this operation would not be good for the CCP. They know that Xi loves to hear praises, and he despises Trump in his bones. After DWAC went public, Beijing was jubilant. The overseas bureau and the international cooperation bureau said Bruno Wu should take credit this time, and the next target would be Mike Pompeo. I want to give Comrade Pompeo a good face-to-face talk. I told him last time that the CCP could bug his home and phones at any time.

Wang Yi’s so-called trip aims to push the internationalization of the yuan and export revolution, poverty, and instability.

Regarding Wang Yi’s visit, I (Miles Guo) broke the news that Xi secretly visited Europe. (Guo indicated in another broadcast that Xi didn’t visit Europe. Guo was playing the Shanghai faction.) The Jiang faction asked if it was real or fake, indicating that they did not know Xi’s whereabouts. Wang Yi visited Albania, Qatar, Italy, and Greece to promote the Belt and Road initiative and RMB payments.

He had just arrived at the Red Sea to meet the Saudi prince, continuing to tout the RMB. The CCP will invest more than $500 billion in Saudi Aramco. The old king of Saudi Arabia had 300 wives and 5000 princes. One of the princes approached the United States to help him dig oil. That’s the origin of Saudi Aramco. It turned out that the U.S. didn’t report the actual amount of oil production. Then Saudi Arabia and the U.S. signed a long-term supply of a minimum of $15 a barrel, which has never changed. Now the CCP wants to make Aramco their own.

After property tax, the CCP wants to digitize the yuan quickly, trade the yuan, and send a large workforce to the Middle East, exporting revolution, poverty, and instability. Not many in the world can see that; they are busy vaccinating the people.

The Pacific Alliance Group will expose the CCP’s infiltration of the American justiciary.

Pacific Alliance Group’s founder is Chris. This character is extremely critical. He wanted to take away Miles Guo’s 18th-floor apartment in New York. Pacific Alliance is the largest investor in HNA (Hainan Airlines) and invested in HNA’s Phoenix Airport in Sanya. It also invested $500 million in Bruno Wu’s Seven Star Media and Digital World, and has 100% of Tencent Music. Yunhong International is backed by the CCP intelligence agencies and connected to the Pacific Alliance.

The FBI Frank, Yunhong, Digital World, Pacific Alliance, and Bruno Wu are linked together. The lawsuits clearly state the relationship between Pacific Alliance and the law firms and the false information and fake evidence created by DW News. It’s called a conflict of interest. They not only forged Miles Guo’s guarantor contract and signatures to make us lose the lawsuit but also planted evidence against our G series. We went to the top three authorities on the Lawyer Ethics Committee, and they said the lawyers clearly had a conflict of interest. The US attorneys have principles, and they couldn’t believe such a thing. Now, everyone is all dumbfounded. This DWAC case will greatly expose the CCP’s infiltration of the lawyers and the entire judiciary in the United States.

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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