I. Background of Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC)

On October 20, President Trump made an announcement of his new company called Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) and that he would be merging this new company with a SPAC called Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC).

According to Mr. Miles Guo (Oct. 24 GTV Talk), DWAC is actually owned and operated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Among its shareholders are some CCP agents, including a registered CCP agent under FARA named Bruno Wu, a CPPCC member named Mr. Li, and a CCP intelligence entity named Yunhong International (CN: ZGYH).

TMTG’s CEO Patrick Orlando has years of business relationship with Communist China, and currently works as CEO of Yunhong International. 

Bruno Wu has been investigated by FBI since 2019. DWAC’s American partner is Samuel Nunberg, who is involved in numerous charges. 

II. The CCP’s Evil Purposes of the DWAC Deal

1. A Pre-planned Scheme to Ruin President Trump and Plunder American Money 

Stock price of SPAC DWAC reached a high $174 on October 21. The trading volume reached from 40 thousand to 6 million board lots within an extremely short period of time. This allegedly constituted insider trading and market manipulation, almost certainly subject to SEC investigations and criminal investigations. 

Eleven Funds were involved in the transactions. As traders, they first bought about 28 million of DWAC shares from Wu and put about $296 million of the purchase money into a Trust Fund to acquire the IPs of President Trump’s new company and its future TRITH Social. It is said that $300 million was agreed on the purchase. 

As the 11 Funds’ massive transactions hyped DWAC stock price, Trump supporters’ money start to join in, including MAGA blue-collar investors and some speculators. 

Besides the $300 million agreement, President Trump would also receive a share dividend based on his holdings. However, behind this money, the Funds and the shareholders of DWAC are all associated with the CCP. The CCP has plundered about 5 to 8 billion dollars in America so far. 

Thus, President Trump allegedly holding 90% of the shares of the newly merged company will likely be involved in the SEC or criminal investigations and count as one party responsible for the charges. It means his money will be frozen and he will be disqualified from future government elections. This is the CCP’s unrestricted economic warfare with its purpose to ruin President Trump and plunder American money. 

2. Another purpose of this scheme is to stop President Trump from joining Gettr

Gettr, “as a global leader for free speech with advanced technology and crypto future”(Gettr CEO Mr. Jason Miller), has been a platform hugely feared and targeted by the CCP since the beginning. President Trump joining Gettr would have guaranteed his 2022 Midterm Election, and a greater chance of returning to the White House in 2024. The CCP doesn’t like President Trump at all, and is trying very hard to prevent him from being re-elected, as well as to undermine free speech by attacking Gettr and the anti-CCP New Federal State of China. 

III. Some Potential Problems Following the DWAC Deal

1. Even though there aren’t any SEC investigations or criminal investigations into the DWAC market manipulation operation, President Trump and his team are still faced with several questions. First, as a leader supported by MAGA, President Trump was determined to combat the CCP erosion of the world and make America great again. He had issued sanctions on CCP companies during his presidency. However, DWAC is deeply involved with the CCP agents and funds, like Bruno Wu and Jack Ma. Its money and management is associated with some CCP entities. It is plundering MAGA’s money. To partner with a CCP rooted company will significantly damage President Trump’s public opinion and political career. 

2. Second, to establish and operate TRUTH Social platforms, President Trump will have to either build his own team and technology, or acquire existing platforms, of which chance of success is slim. More importantly, no acquisition should involve the CCP agents, its money, its code, or even Chinese personnel, definitely to avoid WeChat, Zoom, Tik Tok, which President Trump had issued sanctions on. How President Trump uses the money from the SPAC IPO is going to be a focus of the public as well as both Parties.  

3. The documents of the DWAC and TMTG deal allegedly constitutes fraud by providing fake and incomplete information. For example, it doesn’t specify the background of Bruno Wu. It doesn’t seem to have a legitimate and feasible plan for the new media company. This is likely to cause losses to investors’ money.

In short, the DWAC deal is a frame-up by the CCP agent Bruno Wu and his collaborators, to set President Trump up for numerous potential proceedings involving insider trading, market manipulation, forgery, securities frauds, etc.. President Trump is faced with enormous risks of loss of wealth, criminal charges, disqualification for elections, and implicating his family and his team. 

IV. Exposing CCP’s Evil Plan

Mr. Miles Guo and his fellow whistleblowers have established the anti-CCP New Federal State of China, determined to take down the CCP by exposing its evil plans and debunking its lies to bring truth, freedom and peace back to the world. We are with President Trump as he has been a tough warrior against the CCP. The above information brought to the public attention is to shatter the CCP’s scheme and help President Trump and his team as much as we can. The CCP would like to see us attacking President Trump and lose the friendship and trust of Trump supporters. To their disappointment, we won’t. Our only and ultimate goal is to take down the CCP, and our whole effort is dedicated to this cause. 

For more information, please visit Miles Guo on Gettr

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