By: MOS Education Team–葫芦哇

On October 12, the Democratic Party, the largest political party in Hong Kong’s democratic camp, announced that the nomination period for the party’s internal selection for the Legislative Council election was closed, with no party members having registered to run for the election. This move means that the Democratic Party will not run in the Hong Kong Legislative Council election to be held on December 19, which is the first time the Democratic Party will not run for the Legislative Council.

Following the implementation of Hong Kong’s National Security Law in 2020, the CCP has completely manipulated Hong Kong’s politics by drastically revising the election system, disqualifying pro-democracy legislators, dissolving civic organizations, and arresting pro-democracy activists. The pro-democracy camp and Hong Kong people have seen clearly the evil intentions of the CCP. They are not afraid of the threat of “violating the national security law”, nor will they cooperate with the CCP in the election show. They will not become a political vase of the CCP.

Article: Refuse being a Political Vase, the Democratic Party will not Run for the Hong Kong Legislative Council

Posted by: Yuki jiang

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