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On Oct. 17th, Zerohedge reported that on Wednesday Oct 13th, California Kern County Judge Bernard Barmann issued a temporary restraining order to block the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for California prison workers. Despite the COVID-19 vaccine mandate was scheduled to take effect on the 15th in the State of California, the California Correctional Peace Officers Association opposed mandates across the state for its 28,000 members. 

The Association said in its preliminary submission that “Mandating universal vaccination of staff, on the other hand, at this point in time, seems at odds with the dramatic reduction in COVID-19 infection rates within the prisons, and throughout the State generally, in recent months,” As of Sept. 10, 240 inmates and 39 correctional employees in California have died from COVID-19. A total of 50,991 total COVID-19 cases have been confirmed among inmates and employees. However, over the last 14 days, just 178 new cases have been reported. Therefore, “The Court should resist Plaintiffs’ request that staff be subjected to a mandatory vaccination order” the submission added.

Also, because of the high number of inmate COVID-19 cases, many California inmates were expedited released.

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法官暂时阻止对加州监狱工作人员的强制疫苗要求 – GNEWS

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