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On October 17, Mr. Miles Guo shockingly broke the news that once the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) pulls the first shot against Taiwan, the United States and Japan indicated they would face the war head-on and are capable of wiping out the CCP’s military bases domestically, globally, and even in space, within 3 minutes.

Despite the general perception among Westerners that Xi Jinping’s armed attack on Taiwan is extremely unlikely, Mr. Miles Guo, who has extensive knowledge of the CCP and Xi Jinping, judges that proactive attacks by the CCP are over 95% likely. The collapse of Communist China’s real estate sector would trigger major domestic and global economic upheavals.  Before the 20th Congress, it was the only means for the CCP to attack Taiwan under the goal of “Grand Unification”  to divert the nation’s attention, to fight against political rivals, to consolidate Xi’s political power, and to stabilize the domestic situation. According to Mr. Miles Guo’s intelligence, the U.S. has exhibited weak leadership and has long adopted a policy of appeasement in order to maintain domestic economic and political stability, fueling the arrogance of the CCP and Xi Jinping to seize Taiwan.

The U.S. military’s blitzkrieg demonstrates its military strength and reinforces its full grasp of military intelligence and dynamics within the CCP. The CCP military leadership understands the evils of the system and will make the right choices when necessary.

As Taiwan is at the core zone of the first island chain. Once the CCP seizes Taiwan, the Asia-Pacific Front Line and the second island chain will be ceded to the CCP, posing direct threats to the security of Hawaii and even the Continental U.S. Considering the reckless war that the CCP is waging against Taiwan, the U.S. and Japan should prepare for the war and go straight to CCP’s nest without hurting civilians to protect the security and multiple interests of the first island chain, Mr. Guo Stated in his speech. 

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