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This is a (paraphrased) translation of Miles Guo’s livestream on Oct 17th, 2021

When did CCP announce that Sun Lijun was under investigation by CCDI (Shuanggui)? When did Jiang Zhicheng decide to transfer Boyu to Singapore? When was Jack Ma arrested?

One of our fellow fighters from the CCDI (Central Commission for Discipline Inspection) who has fled to Japan is in charge of this case. He was mainly responsible for investigating Jiang Zhicheng and his henchmen (Jiang Zhichen, also called Alvin Jiang, a grandson of Former Chinese President and Communist Party Leader Jiang Zeming). The information he broke to me shook me to my core. There is no one in this world who knows more about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) than I do, but I was still really shaken.

During the Wuhan virus outbreak in March 2020, Sun Lijun (Former Chinese Police Chief) went to Wuhan, came back, and then was arrested. To commemorate the third anniversary of my 4/19 “interrupted” interview with Voice of America, the CCP announced on 4/19 that Sun Lijun had been under “Shuanggui“. On October 3, 2020, the CCP government announced that the Ant Financial public listing had been stopped and the executives were interviewed. In March 2021 Boyu Capital announced that it had moved to Singapore.

Someone from the Hubei Military Region and the Shanghai Police Bureau reported to Xi Jinping (Chinese President Xi) that Sun Lijun and Wang Like (Chinese Police Official) were meeting to prepare how to eliminate Xi. Xi had also planned to visit Wuhan in March. When Xi heard this report, he was furious and immediately sent Ding Xuexiang (Current General Secretary of the CCP) from the Central Office and also secretly sent a team from MSS to investigate at the same time. The result of the investigation by the team was that Sun Lijun, Wang Like and Luo Wenjin (Former Police Chief in Jiangsu Province) were going to join forces to assassinate Xi. Xi assigned our fellow to the case and set up a special task force to investigate. This fellow immediately suggested that Sun Lijun be arrested and that Wang Qishan (Vice President of China) and Meng Jianzhu (Former Minister of Public Security of China) immediately strengthen their monitoring measures.

Wang Qishan heard the news, and was immediately paralyzed with fear. Their team investigated Meng Jianzhu, Chen Zhen, Luo Wenzheng, Wang Like, including family members. 20,000 people were assigned to form an this investigation team, the armed police department alone mobilized 15,000 people. The task force was instructed to go to any country, except the United States and Japan, and if necessary to kidnap their targets back to China, and any resulting international repercussions were to be ignored.

After Sun Lijun was arrested, he acted tough at first and refused to cooperate with the investigation. On October 3, before Ant Financial was listed in Hong Kong and immediately afterwards in Shanghai, Sun Lijun began to cooperate with the task force’s investigation. He revealed the following: that Jack Ma was the proxy holder for Jiang Zhicheng, the Zeng Qinghong (Former Vice President of China) family, the Wang Qishang family and the Meng Jianzhu family; who Jack Ma’s proxy holder in the U.S. was; that Ma Mingzhe (the Chairman of Ping An Insurance) of Ping An had 9 trillion yuan (RMB) tied up in real estate and insurance; how Wu Zheng (Bruno Wu) took 7 billion dollars from Jack Ma, which was the money Bruno Wu helped Meng Jianzhu and Sun Lijun embezzle; Jack Ma’s connection with Cai Zhongxin in the U.S.; and the truth about 170 projects overseas, all of which were mainly owned by Jiang Zhicheng.

Furthermore, there are hundreds of successful entrepreneurs under investigation, such as Zhang Hongwei (Chairman of United Energy Group and Large Shareholder of China Minsheng Banking), Dong Wenbiao (Former Chairman of China Minsheng Bank), Shi Yuzhu (Founder of Giant Interactive Group), Liu Chuanzhi (Founder of Lenovo), Liu Chuanzhi’s daughter, and Zhang Yiming (Founder of TikTok), Ma Mingzhe (the Chairman of Ping An Insurance), Hu Shuli (Founder and Publisher of Caixin Media), and the Boss of Zoom.

After Xi heard the report, and two days before Jack Ma’s Ant Financial listed, this fellow of ours called Jack Ma to implement the entrapment, suggesting that the Ant Financial should be listed in Shanghai first, not Hong Kong, which would be more beneficial to the stock. Jack Ma agreed to his suggestion to return to the mainland by plane and was directly arrested. The plane Jack Ma took was followed by a military plane. More than 300 company executives were arrested, plus approximately 2,000 family members were also arrested. The same day Jiang Zhicheng was arrested, as well as Liu Chuanzhi, Ma Mingzhe, and other Ping An executives. It was a “bloodbath” that day. All the arrests took place on Oct. 2, 3 and 4. Even the drivers and nannies of these people’s families were all prevented from leaving China. In those few days, 60,000 people were given the same orders, more than 1 million bank accounts were seized, and 2 trillion yuan (RMB) in assets were seized (reported to Xi), and an additional 5 trillion dollars in overseas assets.

From that day on, Xi never showed himself in public. Xi never dreamed that these people would dare to kill him and that Wang Qishan and Meng Jianzhu had such a big plan. Xi thought he was doing a favor to Wang Qishan by adopting the “HNA Processing Model” for the HNA case (the “HNA Processing Model” means arresting the people involved and ensuring all their money and assets overseas are returned to China, and allowing the next generation to go abroad to save their lives), but he never thought Wang Qishan would dare to assassinate him. And there are more than a dozen additional groups involved: The Northeast Military District, submarine units, his side of the guard army, 9 Bureau, were all involved. There were also some military people who wanted to take out Xi as well. Xi quickly replaced those around him.

Now, the central argument is that the “HNA’s Processing Model” must be applied to most successful Chinese entrepreneurs. There are about 10,000 entrepreneurs who are expected to be treated this way by Xi. Quite simply, you can leave the country, but the whole family has to be arrested. Dong Wenbiao (Chairman of the Board of Director of China Minsheng Bank) is an example, and in total over 500 people have been arrested. From last October to today, which successful Chinese entrepreneurs or businessman have left the country? Each one is surrounded by at least 40-50 people watching them.

This fellow said he would tell me more information in the future. The investigation team collects the money and then tells those arrested that they will lose their freedom for life until they die in prison. If they do not do as requested, they will definitely get their whole family killed, and before they die, they have to get all their overseas assets back to the investigation team. Don’t dare play any tricks. Playing tricks will get you killed.

Now Jack Ma and Xu Jiayin (Chairman of Evergrande Group) are in the same situation, if the money is not transferred back to the country, these people have to die. Just like Xiao Jianhua (Chinese-Canadian businessman and billionaire known for managing assets for descendants of prominent Chinese leaders), they must get the money back from overseas.

Jiang Zhicheng was arrested at the end of March 2021, thinking that he would be safe in Singapore. Xi sent a team to Singapore to arrest him in order to deter the Jiang family. The team also arrested his girlfriend who gave birth to his twins. They were taken to a certain country by ship. The arresting of Jiang Zhicheng was arranged as a warning to the Jiang family. Jiang Zhicheng was ordered to transfer all his money back to China, and not a penny of the money should be missing. He was escorted by Chinese police to his homes in the United States, Switzerland, the United Kingdom. There they confiscated all the jewelry and valuables.

In the home of Fu Zhenhua’s (Former Director of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau) brother in Canada, the Chinese police broke down the walls of his home and confiscated documents, videos, hard drives, large amounts of cash, jade jewelry, etc. hidden inside. There is no difference between Chinese police officers on duty in Canada and in Hong Kong. The mainland has sent over 50,000 officers to Hong Kong.

I say from the bottom of my heart, I am not happy at all. I don’t think Jiang Zhicheng and Jack Ma deserve this kind of treatment. None of us should get carried away. What happens to them now could be what happens to us in the future. No matter who is being investigated, the methods of the triads should not be used. If they are guilty, they can be tried through the judicial system, not by such means. Even political struggles must have a red line.

All the people working on the case in the CCDI treat Guo Wengui (me) as a God. They admire me for actually being able to get my wife and daughter out of the country. Sun Lijun admires me the most. He admires me for doing business without any violation of law and discipline.

Bruno Wu, the son of a bitch, has been transferring money back to China. Eventually he will be killed by the CCP.

This fellow from the CCDI who reported directly to Xi said that many Chinese entrepreneurs have committed suicide. More than 50 of them were people I knew. When Liu Yanping (Former Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection in the Ministry of State Security) was arrested and brought in, his old mother-in-law committed suicide on the spot. His daughter committed suicide 2 weeks later, how tragic.

When people in the army were arrested, some immediately raised their guns and killed themselves. Some shot their wives and children first and then killed themselves.

If you follow the Chinese Communist Party, you will walk straight into the crematorium.

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