As long as you dare to act against Taiwan, we will let the people of Taiwan to make you pay a hundred times, a thousand times the price.

Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast Highlights7/17/2022  The Whistleblower Movement Expose the CCP’s Military Base This Week, to Expose the CCP’s Years of Military Deployment to the United States, Europe, Japan and Taiwan


In this upcoming week I will tell the citizens of Taiwan, if Taiwan still has a real military, and if Taiwan still has a responsible government, if the Japanese still have a true diligent military and government, please stay tune for our New Federal State of China’s brand-new revolutionary revelations. (We will)To tell you which year the CCP, how they started and what kind of technologies were used to establish a special system to go against the US, Europe, and Japan. And the military’s wild ambitions and plans to attack Taiwan and the invasion of the world. What will we plan to expose?  There are participants at that time, there are maps, there are coordinates, there are information, and there are documents. There are people, with contact numbers, with all of their personal information. In the history of the CCP, there was never once. The CCP’s such (top secret) information being disclosed in the public media. We will show all of the Taiwanese compatriots and military, and the Japanese (military) experts (exhibition). Let you see the Communist Party in the past few decades until now. How their wild ambitions have never changed. It’s a shame for America and Europe. If you want to win the world, you must attack Taiwan, you must take Taiwan, must control Japan, all of the China Seas, East China Seas.

All of the CCP’s aerial, air and ground integration, and their multiple nuclear command projects, including protective measures, it’s all out of the Americans and the Europeans’ imagination. We’ll let (all of this) to explode. By then Wen Bin, we have a military program, Wen Bin (the host) and our fairness, etc. All of fellow fighters who are doing military programs to collectively expose the news. This year will be The New Federal State of China’s first massive revelations. The CCP gave us a new Trustee. We will provide them with some military intelligence. To let our fellow fighters who were in PLA. To talk about the CCP’s military affairs.

What is the most important thing about the Communist Party over the years? The Air Force is their core. Then it’s the Navy. Their ground forces don’t really matter anymore between the Air Force and the Navy is the missile system. All the air-to-sea missile systems must have the most important communications, construction, including all of your tens of thousands of military bases. I’m telling you, I wanted to be a millimeter away, I’m only a hair stand away, if I say the wrong thing, me, Miles Guo is an asshole. I wanted to let Taiwan’s future missiles. As long as you make a move on Taiwan, I will let Taiwan’s missiles to hit your nest when the time comes. It’s like hitting you, to say hitting your left eye and not your right eye, to say targeting at your butt and not your head. As long as you dare to act, as long as you dare to act against Taiwan, we will let the people of Taiwan to make you pay a hundred times, a thousand times the price.

Video Clip: CG. |Chinese Subtitles: Little Bee| Translator: Middle Aged Lady| Proofread: Polaris| Script: Wen Gu| Editor: Quentin | Publish:shandianxunlian

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