Translated by: MOS Gospel Team – Wengengen

Due to the political short-sightedness and cold-bloodedness of American politicians, the greed of Wall Street capital and the control of the Dark Power, the current US government has once again sold Taiwan and has reached a deal to sell Taiwan with the CCP.

Mr. Guo revealed that when Xi Jinping delivered a speech on the Anniversary of the Revolution of 1911 on Saturday, Xi declared that he would inherit the Will of the Revolution of 1911, claim himself as the heir of Sun Yat-sen, and continue to deceive the people.  He said that “all the problems in Taiwan are Taiwan independence, and Taiwan independence must be subject to a major trial.” He wanted to use Taiwan independence as an excuse to operate from the inside through Taiwan sellers such as the Kuomintang, and then take Taiwan. Due to Xi Jinping’s poor health, speeding up the attack on Taiwan is also one of the reasons why he wants to retake Taiwan in rest of his lifetime, in order to achieve “reunification”. 

As part of the negotiation, CCP and the current US government used their own military as a bargaining chip, a submarine contest between China and the United States.

One of the three Seawolf nuclear submarines that designs for Russia recently collided with a submarine of the CCP, causing the CCP to lose dozens of people, damage a US Seawolf submarine and forcing back combined military exercises of western countries, diplomatic trading between CCP and the United States.

The meeting between Yang Jiechi and Sullivan in Switzerland was carried out on the promise that the US President Biden signed a letter of commitment. Among them, the US has made three guarantees:1) it will never change the CCP’s political system,2) the economic recovery will be linked, and continue to buy US national debt, 3) the restoration of comprehensive dialogues between China and the US at all levels, including the normalization of high-level military dialogues.

In Switzerland, US representative Sullivan entered the Taiwan issue only after facilitating the Chinese side to agree to all purchases of US national debt and the other items. For the first time, the US stated that it adheres to the one- China policy and clearly opposes Taiwan independence without limiting conditions. He also stated that the United States opposes “attacking Taiwan by force without the consent of the United States.” This has undoubtedly given the green light for the CCP to use force to attack Taiwan. Now, the CCP’s attack on Taiwan may happen at any time, which is very bad for Taiwan. However, once the CCP starts a war on Taiwan, it is also its end. The people of Taiwan must be prepared to deal with the worst time.


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