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On October 2, French media Franceinfo reported that “Chinese billionaire Mr. Miles Guo (Guo Wengui) predicts that the vaccine disaster is coming!”

There were three points mentioned: First, the vaccine disaster is coming and there will be an economic collapse; second, by the end of next year, humans will face a life-or-death situation; third, only unvaccinated people can survive the disaster.

In the news, Mr. Miles Guo declared that “Covid is a bioweapon developed by the Chinese Communist Party.” In the news, the author also included video and audio evidence. And he mentioned that Mr. Guo has 400,000 subscriptions to his YouTube account and has his own media — G News.

“Sticking to the truth only” is the principle of the Whistleblower Movement initiated by Miles Guo. No matter how those international media report the Whistleblower Movement, its voice will inevitably be heard by more and more people. It is believed that as more media reporting Covid and vaccines, controversial facts will be revealed and discussed. Thus, people worldwide will sooner or later get to know the truth that Covid and vaccines are the bioweapons developed and unleashed by the CCP, and the politicians imposing vaccine mandates are no different than murderers.

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Miles Guo’s Gettr

Guo Wengui, ce milliardaire chinois qui affirme que “le désastre des vaccins va arriver”

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