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On October 11, diplomatic relations between the United States and China took a major turn as the two sides conducted two talks within a week, with Taiwan becoming the biggest bargaining chip on the trading table. The Whistleblower Movement and founder of the New Federal State of China revealed that “the détente in diplomatic relations between China and the United States came at the cost of selling out the independence of 23 million Taiwanese people.”

According to the Financial Times, last Wednesday (Oct. 6) Yang Jiechi, director of the Chinese Communist Party’s foreign affairs office, and Sullivan, assistant to the U.S. president for national security affairs, held a six-hour closed-door meeting in Zurich, Switzerland, with a “constructive” outcome.

It was the first face-to-face contact between the two men since a heated verbal exchange in Alaska in March. According to sources, the U.S. and China’s top diplomatic talks in Zurich, the U.S. side said it is expected to hold the Biden-Xi Online Summit before the end of the year.

It was also reported that last Friday (Oct. 8) U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Chi Tai and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He met by video to exchange views on the restart of trade between China and the United States. A statement issued after the meeting said that “both sides agreed to resolve each other’s legitimate concerns through consultations.” In addition, the Biden administration will further seek a solution to exempt Chinese imports from existing tariffs.

This round of adjustment in U.S.-China relations can be described as the United States falling to its knees before the Chinese Communist Party under the dual pressure of the epidemic shock and the debt crisis.

Under the impact of the epidemic, the U.S. domestic economy and business suffered serious setbacks, the national debt frequently hit the ceiling, the Treasury Department is difficult to make bricks without straw, the federal government was close to a shutdown, especially facing a default on the national debt, which could lead to an unprecedented financial disaster in history, while the Biden administration took the opportunity to bundle and seek to pass a huge budget. The best option to delay this crisis and give Biden what he wants is undoubtedly the Chinese Communist Party, which is eyeing Taiwan.

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Mr. Guo also disclosed in an October 10 GTV broadcast that the détente in diplomatic relations between China and the United States came at the cost of selling out the independence of 23 million Taiwanese people. Mr. Guo said, “President Biden also had U.S. representatives carry a four-point textual commitment as a pledge.”

“The first point is that the U.S. side is committed to not changing the CCP system and economic re-linking. Full resumption of economic exchanges and continued purchase of U.S. Treasuries to help the U.S. economy recover.”

“The second point is that during Biden’s presidency, the U.S. and China have guaranteed open military exchanges and promised that the U.S. will not have any military actions in Taiwan or the South China Sea.”

“The third point, and the most fundamental point of selling Taiwan, is to absolutely adhere to the one-China policy and oppose Taiwan’s independence. When the U.S. side emphasized this in the past, it meant that neither side across the Taiwan Strait could change the status quo, only peaceful reunification; but now it is only recognizing the legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party and resolutely opposing Taiwan’s independence, which is tantamount to giving the CCP all the legitimacy to take Taiwan.”

“The last one is very critical, the U.S. opposes the use of force against Taiwan ‘by the Chinese Communist Party without U.S. consent,’ meaning you can use force, but you have to notify me in advance.”

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