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On October 8, the University of Hong Kong sent a lawyer’s letter to the Stake Association, requesting the removal of the “Pillar of National Sorrow”, a memorial statue of June 4th, by 5 pm on the 13th.

 This bronze statue is 8 meters high and is the symbol of the Hong Kong June 4th Candlelight Gala. It first met with the public during the Victoria Park rally in 1997. Afterwards, the Hong Kong University Students’ Union voted for the statue to stand permanently on the campus of Hong Kong University. It has been 24 years.  The creator of the statue, Danish artist Gao Zhihuo, was shocked when he heard the news, saying that the plan to dismantle the “Pillar of National Sorrow” was a desecration of 8964.

 Currently, the white terror of the “Hong Kong version of the National Security Law” covers Hong Kong, and Hong Kong’s civil society has been suppressed by the CCP. Since 2021, nearly 50 civil organizations have announced their dissolution, including the newly-disbanded stake.  Although the CCP tried its best to make the Chinese people forget June 4th, the New Federal State of China , led by Mr. Guo Wengui, made June 4 as the founding day of the country, and kept alerting the Chinese who love freedom to inherit the spirit of June 4th and resolutely destroy it.  

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