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On Oct 4, Australia Broadcasting Company (ABC) published an interview with Taiwan Ministry of Goreign Affairs Wu, Zhaofan (Joeseph). Wu said that if the PLA launches an actual strike, Taiwan is ready to repel it. This is the first time Taiwan’s high level officials remarked on increasingly severe Taiwan Strait crisis in English media.

During the interview, Wu mentioned that Taiwan hopes to cooperate with Australia and other countries with shared  values on defence and intelligence .This will

Help Taiwan preparing for war more effectively, Australia strongly supports Taiwan joining CPTPP, Wu thanks Australia for this. In this interview, ABC calls Taiwan a ‘small independent country’. Under the circumstance that Taiwan has no official diplomatic relations with Australia, this is a very unique way to call Taiwan, which shows the attitude of Australia media and politics towards Taiwan. On the countrary, Australia is stepping away or even confronting the CCP.

Article: Joseph Wu stated that if the CCP launches a military strike, Taiwan will repel

Posted by: Yuki jiang

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