Miles Guo ‘s Broadcast Highlights2021.10.3 If the Black Out Last for Another 6 Months, US Stock Market Will Collapse


All the CCP did is killed a thousand enemies and wounded themselves 10,000. Yes, it’s what they want to do. They would risk their life to try to cause any damage to you. They are willing to pay a huge price

Now, all he is thinking about is to invade Taiwan. To take over the richest west part of the island, to convert the east part of island to military bases. Then, people like Emily will become their sexual salves

Wow, you are so pretty, such big nose. Your heart must be healthy, and you should be kind of woman can give birth to sons. Then, they will take some eggs from you for sure. They will take over Taiwan, not shy away. Once they take over Taiwan, the door is open to the Pacific Ocean and then they can connect Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. Japan will be a piece of cake for them. They can do anything with it

Now, in terms of economy, they cut off water and electricity. So, they are thinking, between US and China. Used to have 500B trade deficit. Eventually become tens of billion trade deficits with few hundred billion of trade. They can take down the US stock market for sure.

This is not fake. It can really happen. If the black out last for another 6 months, US Stock market will collapse. Now over 32 US companies petition the CCP. Because your power outage cost me a lot, you guys may not know, this is my first message. 30s companies already did. Since we had the contract, and you should cover our losses. CCP will tell you, we’ll pay you nothing. Go wherever you like, It’s the same as complaining to the central government in China. They will lock you up, let you roll aside, and feed you some rat poison. US companies already did. Japanese already started the lawsuit as well. 7-8 Japanese companies approached the CCP government. CCP government gave them a very warm reception

and they were fooled and then back home, right? Let’s see power outages among provinces. You know, the medias in Taiwan are so low.

They were simply talking about the bull shit like all is about the CCP political infight. Even if it’s just a hint from Xi. They can easily arrest any leader in each province. It is so easy. The CCP have entered the so-called the centennial preparation state of the war from May 2021. What is the so-called preparation of a war. It is to take down USD and European economy. Remember it, I repeat it again today. The virus is a bioweapon made by the CCP. All graphene vaccine was made by the CCP as well. The vaccine disaster is another biochemical war. This is a biological warfare higher than biological warfare, they purposely made vaccine with the higher spread rate. Higher fatality rate, then use the vaccine economy, vaccine politics, vaccine military and the vaccine to control the world. The CCP did this. The one who conspired with the Communist Party is the Wall Street in the United States. A few of corrupt officials, for example some CDC officer.

Some officials of the Europe, including the dark and illegal organizations in the world. They did this with the CCP, Wang Qishan is the core representative of the illegal organization. This is also the root reason why he can’t be killed recently, the CCP still need Wang. Any country, any good or bad organization need not only good guys, but bad guys as well. This is the rule of the game, accept it or not. It is happening now. I can tell you that the CCP’s power outage. The CCP’s Evergrande incident are all under control of the CCP. However. They clearly make statement that they will ignore all foreign debts. Not only Evergrande, but also the same as Bi Gui Yuan and Ping An group. All the oversea debt will be ignored

Take a close look, all the policies within the CCP are like that. The CCP interrogate and control the problems internally, and then they force local government to solve local problems. All oversea debt will be ignored, don’t you see what they are doing. They will hurt you at any cost.

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