【Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights 】2021.10.3 Everything Done by XI is to Destroy US Dollar and Euro


Why I said the world economy is related to the black out of CCP. In the document, you guys created yesterday, did not calculate correctly. All those data are so-called official data. You should remember what I said at the very beginning of the whistle blower movement. I said: “If you believe any words the CCP said in front of the camera or in public or any forms and data the CCP published, you are the most idiot in the world.” Besides, it’s easy to expose their lies. Just like David said, the police should be for the people. We have trusted it for several generations. Did police do anything for you? All of them are harming you. The police always harm the people, right? CCP’s People Daily New is always fooling the people. When did they ever report for the people? Basically, all the data CCP published should be read opposite.

All the things CCP did this year have two major targets. You guys did not figure out. All the CCP wanted today is very clear. It is to make Xi a God. Xi does believe he is the God, no doubt. He never ever doubts it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t let China people call him “ Xi Da Da”. Peng Ma Ma. He wouldn’t let his picture and statue all over the place. Let all religions worship Xi same as worship Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad. He does believe that he is God. This is a good thing for us. At the same time, he really believes he can rule the world. He believes that his mission is to make China great for another 1000 years, to go back to the great Tang dynasty and to rule the world. He really thinks like this. He is looking down American more and more, looking down European more and more looking down Japanese more and more. The only one he feels OK is Russian. He respects Russian because of Putin and the style of Russian. Other than that, no one deserves his respect. Under such situation, let’s see what he is going to do. Everything is done to fuck up the dollar and fuck up the Euro.

Video Clip:NorthAurora|Chinese Subtitles: Yushanxiqiaoke|Translator:Arthur|Proofread:San Fen| Subtitles+Video Editor:CG.