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On October 6, the Canadian government issued a statement that all travelers by airplanes, trains, and other transportations must show proof of full vaccination. The new regulations will take effect on October 30.

Despite the outcry against vaccine passports, the government has been ignoring public voice and potentially dangerous side effects from vaccines. Earlier this year, restaurants, theatres, gyms, and many other venues were already requiring proof of vaccination, and now it has been expanded to include travel by air, train, and ship.

In a strong tone, Prime Minister Trudeau said at a news conference on Wednesday that those who want to travel this winter must be vaccinated. It is also made clear that only very few special cases are exempt from the injection. Any violation may face a heavy fine of up to $250,000.

In the name of the good of the people, these bureaucrats in the Canadian government are not investigating the source of the virus, ignoring the serious consequences of vaccination, and prohibiting doctors from treating patients with effective drugs.

Canadians who are against vaccine mandates will be facing discrimination, both mentally and physically. They will lose jobs, lose freedom, and will be discriminated against.


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