Translated by:MOS Finance Team – Leah

Global stock markets remained downbeat. Although it slightly rebounded yesterday, the Facebook incident dragged tech sectors down again today.

The mood seemed even more pessimistic at Tuesday’s Bloomberg Investments Global Virtual Conference. Bruce Flatt, CEO of Toronto-based Brookfield Asset Management, which manages $626 billion, said it’s a good time to liquidate assets, and that they have liquidated a lot and will continue to do so this year.

Dawn Fitzpatrick, CIO of Soros Fund Management family office, which holds $27 billion in assets, also said in an interview that she has been selling assets and suggested that the real reason Soros has avoided investing into the Communist China is that the money will evaporate quickly. Soros liquidated his position in Chinese background stocks at the end of August and recently criticized in an outspoken media op-ed that investing in such stocks was a tragic mistake.

It is noticeable that Soros is the latest hedge fund guru entering the cryptocurrencies’s market following billionaire Steve Cohen and legendary investor Dan Loeb.

Dawn stated that cryptocurrencies have gone mainstream. Coincidentally, HCOIN is coming to the market in October. It is the only cryptocurrency that backed by gold while linked with stable currencies at the same time. It is obviously that many investment funds have been watching and preparing for the launch of HCOIN.

The deep states around the world are extremely sensitive about where the money goes. Soros, one of the earliest investors and supporters of the Chinese Communist Party, has been weighing and redirecting himself, driven by the power of capital.

The New Federal State of China unearth the truth about the Covi19 virus and deadly vaccine. The establishment of Himalaya Reserve and HCOIN will empower NFSC on the global stage.

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