Translated by:MOS Education Team – freedom166k

On Oct. 5th, the U.S. Republican congressmen, Tom Tiffany, Scott Perry, Scott DesJarlais and W. Gregory Steube had jointed in letter to inform President Biden that “The Taiwan Relations Act” which was signed back in 1979 had clearly stated to normalize diplomatic relations with the Communist China, Beijing would resolve its differences with Taiwan peacefully. However, in recent months, the CCP has repeatedly dispatched fighter jets into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone, this has become clear that the CCP has no intention of keeping up the commitment.

As for this matter, the congressmen had called in the letter: “It is time for the United States to rethink its relationship with Communist China to consider reversing the Carter-era decision to sever formal U.S. ties with Taiwan at Beijing’s insistence, and to encourage our allies in the region to do the same.”

According to “The Taiwan Relations Act”, any dishonest and destructive pattern of behavior and destabilizing actions in the Taiwan Strait, including financial pressure and import restrictions are all consider as threats to the peace in Western Pacific. Therefore, the U.S. should be seriously concerned and hold the CCP accountable.

Proofread by:James Zoebel
Posted by:RonaldS


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