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Greetings, my honored fellow fighters, today is October 6th. Although there is no sun in New York today, the view is still so beautiful, and it’s very comfortable weather. I am recording this video for you before the upcoming conferences. 

I had a particularly sound sleep last night. It was one of the best nights of sleep that I have had lately. Last night’s conference was also a success, and I had two other short meetings this morning. I have read through many files after I finished my workout today.

I want to express my sincere thanks to people in the Chinese Political and Legal Affairs circle, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), and the Chinese Bureau of Statistics, especially to our brothers and sisters in the PLA Navy (People’s Liberation Army). Thanks for the hard work you have done and the risks you have taken to support the Whistleblower Movement. I cannot thank each one of you one-by-one here, but my gratitude goes to all of you.

We have two fellow fighters, both female, who have been risking their lives fighting against the CCP with us for the past few years. Now they have managed to leave China and settled down in a European country. But Brother-7 and the New Federal State of China (NFSC) will be thankful and grateful to them forever.  It is not just a matter of courage. We owe you a debt of gratitude which we shall never be able to repay in any way.

We have grasped intelligence on the CCP gangsters for years. Our latest intelligence in the last few days showed us the grassroots and lower governments’ reactions across China towards the central CCP gangsters and Zhongnanhai (Beijing).

Brothers and sisters, remember what Brother-7 said in 2017 — the CCP would collapse because of its despicable means of governing the country: by falsehood, by blackmail, by deceit, by corruption, and by police. It will definitely collapse! Now the central government’s oppressive policies have made local officials suffer. Nobody has the nerve to tell the truth. They are all telling lies.

Just like the procurement project of a certain PLA Navy unit, it was all handled by the relatives of the unit’s chiefs. The chiefs forced their subordinates to practice fraud—   cooperate with them to fabricate evidence showing the procurement procedures were conducted according to the audit requirements, the rules, guidelines and instructions of the PLA’s General Armaments Department.

These chiefs’ lovers or their family members took all the profits and left the responsibility to the subordinates. Who had the nerve to report it to a higher body? Whoever makes such reports would be doomed because the investigator is just the one you inform against. That applies to Wang Qishan (vice president of China), Meng Jianzhu (former Secretary of Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission), as well as those grassroots police officers.

Many people from the “Public Security – Procuratorate – Courts” circle in China have sent me messages in the past two days. “Brother-7, what you said in that video is not fair,” they complained. 

“It is not that we do not have the courage, or we are timid, but what can we do in this system? Even if we, as the Public Security Department, reported something to a superior unit, it would be Meng Jianzhu to investigate us; if we reported something related to Meng Jianzhu, it would be Wang Qishan, Sun Lijun, Zhou Liang to investigate us — what do you think we will face?” 

That is true. Zhou Liang is in charge of personnel in the CCDI. Who dares to report? Is there anyone in the CCDI who dares to tell the truth? 

Someone in a CCDI divisional level office sent me a message. “Brother-7, I watched your video and drank in a depressed mood as I got home.” He said. “We have known each other for many years. I can take your criticism, but it is still unfair to us.”

“You know the system of the CCDI as well. All the heads there are appointed by Zhou Liang and Wang Qishan, who dares to mess with them? From the ground floor to the top, all the people in the building, is there anyone who dares to mess with Zhou Liang? If we reported them or we told the truth, we would immediately disappear. We would sacrifice for nothing,” said he. And that is also correct, I think.

Furthermore, on the recent power shortage issue and the coal issue, there are various statements. He said that his classmate, who works in a policy office, went so far as writing a slogan — “Great Leaders, it is time to say no to the resource hegemony, the human rights hegemony, and the maritime hegemony that the US imperialism and the West imposed on us!” Can you imagine these words coming from a person in a CCP policy office?

“Even if there were no electricity for a year and no candles to light, it would be much better for the Chinese to live in the complete darkness than groping for survival with so much uncertainty,” this person said. “US imperialism,” — in his words, are the fascists of the West, “have a monopoly on resources. We should fight against Australia to the bitter end.”

Incredibly, such crazy, Nazi-style ideas have received the highest approval from more than one leader of Zhongnanhai (Beijing). They praised that this comrade had a global vision.

What do you think, brothers and sisters? Is it not the time of the Cultural Revolution yet? Can you believe the so-called Zhongnanhai leaders would even recognize such lowlife, rogue, gangster type scum? Just like the woman in Dalian, nicknamed “Broken Anus Fang”, she once had anal sex with Meng Jianzhu who broke her anus accidentally, as well as another woman named Zhou something — these people are all the same, just a joke.

So now, brothers and sisters, according to a buddy who works in CCDI, everybody in the CCDI just does their work with their heads buried in the sand. It is no surprise to them when anyone around gets caught. Whoever gets caught, upstairs or downstairs, others just take it as a joke because they all know it will happen sooner or later.

But if Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu were not taken down, anti-corruption would be complete bullshit. Any bombastic words are just a lie. Nobody believes it at all.

When it comes to the CCP’s plot to attack Taiwan, the arrow is already fitted to the string. Is it possible to cease now? It feels like anybody who has the nerve to question attacking Taiwan will be taken down and regarded as having committed treason.

Therefore, everybody can only shout along, like the situation back then during the Great Leap Forward — you said you produced 10,000 pounds of grain per acre, then I could produce 100,000 pounds of grain per acre.

The guy who works in the policy office was from Henan, our countryman from Henan. That is why I “love” Henan so much — Henan has produced so many stupid weirdos.

The Chinese Political and Legal Committee is funny. Since Fu Zhenghua (former justice minister) was in trouble, before the internal briefing on him, many people, including those from the Ministry of Justice and legal profession in China, came out to denounce him.

Do you still remember the person from Zhong Lun Law Firm, with the surname of Zhang, named Zhang something (Xuebing Zhang)? As the Zhong Lun Law Firm founder, he and a fellow of mine named Zhu Maoyuan, another founder, are both from Henan province and  are our Henan countrymen. This dude is 100% a lackey of Meng Jianzhu and Sun Lijun. He ruined the entire lawyers circle in China. And he has an excellent relationship with Fu Zhenghua. He is also the chairman of a bar association in Beijing, but he plays both sides. This man is so evil.

A lot of bastards from the law department of Peking University have monopolized major law practice in China and Beijing. They have screwed up the entire Beijing legal profession. These people are all accomplices of Fu Zhenghua, Meng Jianzhu, and Sun Lijun.

After I exposed them, many of these people complained. “Oh, Brother-7,” they said,”your rebuke is not fair to us. We are just in such a situation……” 

What is called unfair? Cowards can always find reasons, especially those losers, can always find reasons for their failure, just like that buddy Zhu Maoyuan who is lingering on feebly. He has found so many reasons for his betrayal of his Brother-7 – that’s me. He betrayed his conscience. I once saved his life, more than once. I saved both his professional life and physical life. But he only ever emphasized the part he had served me as a lawyer, making excuses for his deception and betrayal. He is the same as his boss and partner, that guy Zhang (Zhang Xuebing).

Zhong Lun Law Firm will be in huge trouble sooner or later because it was involved in dirty businesses with some big law firms in the west. Zhong Lun Law Firm stole Americans’ information under the disguise of “legal cooperation” and committed “legal” corruption. The US Department of Justice will surely investigate it thoroughly.

The PAG (Pacific Alliance Group)— many of our fellow fighters have done much research on it in the last couple of days. It is an investment firm registered in Hong Kong, mainly focused its business on trapping and defrauding Jews. It conducts dirty businesses like playing with women, creating false documents, inflating the stock market, and defrauding minority shareholders. PAG paid bribes to so many legal institutions in the West, including the Bahamas.

We are collecting evidence of it now. When this gang of crooks is taken out, the lawyers circle in China will tremble. Because Chinese lawyers have been cooperating with funds like PAG to fabricate books and audits amongst themselves to cheat Western investors.

Remember, the big show will start then. These bad-apple cheaters have already ripped off many Western pension funds and sovereign wealth funds. Those who did business with them, including many Jews, will really be left hung out to dry, especially those in the Jewish investment circles. The PAG bluffed and deceived in the name of Jews.  

Everybody should realize this is a big deal.

The domestic military, politics, economy, energy, social conditions, food, finance, and real estate in China are all in shambles, far worse than you can imagine. And the CCP is still thinking of attacking Taiwan? We will see. 

That is what I want to share with you. Time is up. I will report to you after the conferences. Do you want me to live broadcast tomorrow, brothers and sisters? Let me know.