I feel confused often at seeing vaccinated people moving around laughing and chanting, like everything is just fine. Am I delusional that the civilization of mankind is in danger? Mr. Miles Guo told us so, and I have full faith in his words. Now the whistle was blew. Take it or not, better let history judge. Meanwhile, think independently as an individual.

You see, the mandated vaccines feel like a chain.  Some are too heavy for people to handle, which cost their lives to carry. Some are implanted in the bodies as long as people live, with continuous torture physically and mentally. When we lost our loved ones, we lost everything, the meaning of survival became vulnerable.

Got two questions here. Who are chaining people and why are we being so obedient?

In communist China, regime of the evil Chinese Communist Party, the obedience embodied in most souls. Sad story: CCP is good at deceiving, to its people, to the whole world. The 100-year disguising history had endangered each and every of us into this pathetic situation.

Bastard of the international communism, CCP fooled, bought, intimated almost all nations. Weakness in humanity, CCP weaponized it to crawl to its ultimate goal, ruler of the world. Fortunately, exposure of their plot by whistle blower movement will definitely turn bad things around.

There are timing bombs injected in all those vaccinated. It’s horrifying even to imagine a bit when such an explosion incurred. Are we delusional that the civilization of mankind is in danger?  Clearly not.

This is a short reminder. Encourage to get on Gettr for more details. Most importantly, there’s nothing but the truth, and truth conquers all.