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On October 6, Sullivan, National Security Adviser of the White House, met with Yang Jiechi, Director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the CCP Central Committee in Zurich, Switzerland.

Sullivan told Yang Jiechi during the meeting that the US is interested in cooperating with the CCP to meet international challenges and manage risks in US-China relations.  At the same time, he also expressed concern about the CCP’s human rights issues, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, South China Sea, and related actions against Taiwan. Furthermore, Sullivan said that while strengthening its own national strength and working closely with allies and partners, the United States will continue to engage in high-level contacts with the CCP to ensure responsible competition between the two parties.

After President Biden took office, U.S.-China relations ostensibly maintained the Trump tenure policy, and there was no obvious improvement.  However, under the table, there must have always been private negotiations and collusions. Just like the meeting between Sullivan and Yang Jiechi, behind the official rhetoric, there was a strong taste of appeasement.


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