Written by: Ermat

Image Source: chinese.aljazeera.net

On October 7 Mr. Guo said on air that the vaccine costs 6 to 8 cents but sells for about $20. Also, one bigwig was very alarmed by the vaccination.

Every time an Australian government official spoke to me, there was a major change for him. He said, 6 months ago, I wasn’t sure of the truth of your words. I couldn’t believe the Australian government was so corrupt. He was smart enough to get the Independent Commission Against Corruption to inquire. If this drug company is producing a vaccine that is saving humanity, why is the vaccine costing 6-8 cents but selling for about $20. How profitable is the drug company? I told the leader of a country yesterday that I don’t need anyone to listen to me and trust me. But as a friend, as a brother of many years, I tell you the dangers of vaccines. This man was dismissive at first, then very alarmed. He said he had been vaccinated twice. He was one of five people in the world.

I told him to hurry and buy the best artemisinin, ivermectin, and dexamethasone for his nationals. The bearded doctor really knew what he was doing, and he is not for profit.