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On October 4, a Chinese female student, Xiaoqin Yan, was arrested for setting fire at the landmark First Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. The fires burned down parts of the internal facilities on September 29 night, which upset the local community.

Local law enforcement said the church’s surveillance camera captured Yan setting the fires. According to court records, Xiaoqin Yan, 27, is a student from China. She was charged with second-degree arson but her motive was unclear. Her visa has now been revoked. 

The suspect is currently being held in the Montgomery County Detention Center on a $30,000 bond. Later the judge has increased the bond to $150,000 to guarantee her appearance in court.

As the truth about the CCP virus and vaccines is being revealed, the Whistleblower Movement warns the Chinese worldwide to be cautious. Not only must we spread the truth about the virus and vaccines, but we must also declare that CCP does not represent the Chinese and that most Chinese are not CCP members.

On the other hand, we must obey local laws and regulations and avoid ignorant speech. Any statement supporting the CCP regime or threatening to damage culture heritages or the environment may likely trigger anti-Chinese incidents.


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