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The United States/Secretary of State Blinken is visiting Paris. In an interview with local TV media, he called on the CCP to stop its provocative actions against Taiwan. At the same time, he said that Beijing should act responsibly to deal with the impact of the Evergrande debt crisis. As Secretary of State, Blinken’s attention to the financial crisis of a Chinese company undoubtedly verified the inside story revealed by Mr. Wengui.

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Evergrande is one of the white glove agents used by thieves to grab funds from all over the world.  Wall Street and Western dark forces colluded with the Communist Party thieves and invested Western pension insurance funds in the CCP-controlled real estate such as Evergrande, Country Garden, Poly, and the various funds that have been transformed from local debts. In the face of blue gold and huge profits, everyone ignored the false statements of these companies and funds. As a result, the pensions and medical insurance funds of many developed countries around the world once are locked up and once these Chinese companies explode, the local debts and hidden debts involved will not find the responsible person and mortgage assets. All the investments will be lost! Blinken’s words reflected the concern of the U.S. government in regards to Evergrande bankruptcy, that could possibly trigger global economic consequences.  

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