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The Battle at Lake Changjin (BLC) premiered in China on October 1. It enlisted three of China’s most prominent directors including Kaige Chen, whose works include “Farewell, My concubine”. The movie BLC’s leading actor is A-list action movie star Jing Wu, whose face is often used by the CCP’s global propaganda campaign. Wu rose to his stardom after he acted the role of the leading character in movie “Wolf Warrior”, the same theme as that of the CCP’s diplomatic tactics. The BLC’s box office soared during its debut week, reportedly surpassing 1.8 billion RMB in just four days. It sparked a frenzy among the Pink-Red-Guards showing their “love” or “worship” for the Communist Party, partially attributed to the fact that the regime’s media outlets have been promoting and boasting the film with fanfare for months.

A scene from movie The Battle at Lake Changjin (2021)

Unsurprisingly, the regime still won’t allow any reviews that question the quality of the production, and the authenticity of the historical facts of which the film depicted, that is, the Second Phase Offensive of the Korean War. As usual, all reviews or comments on social media that are not conforming with the CCP’s rhetoric are warned and removed, the accounts could even be suspended or revoked.

The film focuses on a fierce battle between the PLA, aka, the Communist’s People’s Liberation Army and American forces at Lake Changjin during the Korean War in 1950. The battle was claimed by the Communist regime as a great victory that turned the tide of the Korean War, despite the huge casualties that was in the ratio of ten versus one, where ten on the PLA part. The film is also made particularly as a “tribute” to the centenary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, just another example that everything under the system is controlled by the Party.

Prior to the making of this movie, the Chinese Communist Party rarely made any mentions about this sensitive topic of the Changjin battle in any cultural or entertainment programs, due to the horrendous scale of the casualties. But at this juncture, in order to salvage its soon-to-collapse dictatorship, the Chinese Communist Party is at it again by twisting and falsifying historical facts just so to incite hatred and deflect the common folk’s attention in the name of “nationalism”!

Unfortunately, due to decades-long of brainwashing, the propaganda does gain lots of following from the unsuspecting people who have been kept in the dark while working day in and day out as cheap slave labor. Only when the Great Firewall enforced by the CCP gets destroyed, there is hope that those brainwashed and enslaved Chinese people will have opportunities to access the truth, to be able to think independently, and to be able to recognize the insidious nature of the Communism.

DW review on movie The Battle at Lake Changjin

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