Translated by: MOS Fitness Team-Gloria

Information reported on October 5 that after Scotland’s vaccine passport system took effect last Friday, it soon received complaints from fans of the Aberdeen Football Club saying that the application could not be used to purchase tickets. The club quickly announced the weekend’s matches.  Immediately triggered a chain reaction, other football clubs and hotel industry owners also stated that they would refuse to require customers to show proof of vaccination.

 It is reported that the failed system cost taxpayers a total of 600,000 pounds.  In this regard, Scottish Conservative Party leader Douglas-Ross said that the vaccine passport plan should be completely canceled. Even if the ruling Scottish National Party insists on going its own way, it must postpone the plan indefinitely until the most basic problem is solved.

 The vaccine passport program is discriminatory and an infringement of basic privacy and freedom. After people in major French cities began to protest with picnics on the streets, French restaurants, bars, and cafes stopped implementing the system.  The fact that the Chinese Communist Party virus vaccine is ineffective and harmful has been proved. Through continuous publicity of the truth and adopting wise methods, it is sure to successfully resist the unreasonable policies of government departments.


Proofread and Edited by: Paratrooper
Posted by: Paratrooper

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