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In 2020, with more than 7.1 trillion kilowatt-hours(kwh)were generated, China is the largest power consummation country in the world, which is about the same size as the sum of the three biggest power generators the USA (4.5 trillion Kwh), India (1.6 trillion Kwh), and Russia (1.1 trillion Kwh). The question remains as “WHY IS NOT ENOUGH”, with such huge power generation.

 According to an Internet circulating National Development and Reform Commission’s document “A barometer of the completion of the dual control target for energy consumption in all regions in the first half of 2021″, reveals QINGHAI, NINGXIA, GUANGXI, GUANGDONG, FUJIAN, XINJIANG, YUNNAN, SHANXI, JIANGSU provinces ‘Energy intensity has surprising increases, which are being issued red level alerts. In terms of total energy consumption, QINGHAI, NINGXIA, GUANGXI, GUANGDONG, FUJIAN, YUNNAN, JIANGSU, HUBEI provinces are also listed as red level alert, which required”Double-Down” pull gate power limit measure. Some other regions are being surprisingly forced to carry “double-down” measures due to falling in power generation output result from high coal and electricity prices. 

Understandably, electricity outage in some regions is caused by high coal price. However, the extent of the power supply shortage is highly doubtful, which shuts down some factories in GUANGDONG province for up to six days. And many power outages areas are in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, which is the central region for China’s export processing enterprise. If there were a real electricity shortage, the top regions on the list to reduce power supply should remain in the Northwest and Southwest. As a result, I think the power shortage is the reality, but cracking down on the American economy would be another fact. The CCP is playing hardball, which I did not expect initially. 

The true purpose of this is to threaten Western Countries, especially the USA. The more outage, the better the outcome. As it emphasised, China has controlled 80%-90% of low to medium-priced industries. Freight and raw material costs have already heavily impacted their low profitability, while higher productivity can even further reduce the margin. There is no point to work hard to minimise American inflation by exporting cheap goods. The shortage of power supply and the lack of low-price daily necessities can cause high inflation, which eventually must beg the CCP. By then, The CCP can take this as a ransom for more benefit; otherwise, inflation-induced riots will happen all the time causes instability. Xi Jinping is absolutely the person who can kill an enemy a thousand but self-damage ten thousand. Anyway, Xi has special goods supplies, and the loss is not on him. He wants to be the world’s leader, just like the old Mao (Mao Zedong). Millions of Chinese starved to death cannot stop chairman Mao from supporting Asia and Africa and pausing Maotai brew. Mao just likes the feeling that all countries want to worship him, and so does Xi Jinping now.

Translated from: 中共是有计划的停电打垮美国,还是借力打力顺势搞垮美国? – GNEWS

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