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The Chinese Communist Party illegally seized power on Oct 1st, 1949. On the 72nd National Day of Communist China, the CCP once again sent the military aircraft to harass the defense zone of Taiwan in its largest scaled event of the year!

The Taiwan Defence Ministry issued a statement saying that on October 1, the CCP flew 38 warplanes, including fighter jets, nuclear-capable bombers, anti-submarine aircraft, and early warning aircraft, assaulting Taiwan’s air defense zone in two waves.

The CCP’s air forces provoked Taiwan on its national day, meanwhile hoodwinking and brainwashing the public with innocence. They deliberately looked for an excuse to confront Taiwan, testing the reaction of Taiwan and the U.S.

Along with the extreme political power struggles within the CCP, the possibility of formally invaded Taiwan reaches its peak.

Article: Communist China sent aircraft into Taiwan’s defense zone on National Day

Posted by: Yuki jiang

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