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Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee, provided an Ohio-based attorney Thomas Renz with documentation indicating Pfizer knows that its vaccines cause recipients more likely to get the virus. She attended a public meeting where Renz presented the facts about Pfizer vaccines.

Karen Kingston

In a telephone interview with LifeSiteNews, Kingston explained a study with over 36k participants conducted by Pfizer testing the longevity of immunity provided by their product over time. 

The study revealed that Pfizer vaccine recipients’ infection rate increased from 1.3% of the unvaccinated to 4.34% of the vaccinated with one shot. That is an over 300% surge. After getting the second shot, their immunity decreased while the infection rate went up by 36%.  

This study report was included in a “Briefing Document” used in a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee meeting on September 17, 2021, to determine the recommendation for Pfizer booster shots. 

Renz also presented the data provided by a computer programmer whistleblower from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Among CMS beneficiaries, 48,465 people died within 14 days of a COVID vaccine. Considering 18.1% of Americans, equating to 59.4 million, covered by Medicare, FDA had promised to look into CMS data for vaccine safety but failed to do so. 

Renz has been involved in several cases brought against federal agencies relating to fraud and violations of medical freedom rights over the last 19 months.


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